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Digvijaya Singh Gives A Solid Surprise Birthday Gift For MP’s Dancing Uncle

If you believe that your life has hit saturation, and you feel like it’s too late to set foot on the path of rediscovery for your passion, you cannot be farther from the truth. Nobody is too old or too young to find out the answer to what is it that they want in life.

Meet Sanjeev Srivastava, an electronics professor, husband, and a father, who when found his shot to win hearts all over the country, left every audience mesmerized with his zeal and enthusiasm for dancing.

The 46-year-old common man became not-so-common after a video of him and his wife dancing got out and went viral on social media. He says that he has “no idea” how that video of him which was shot at a recent relative’s wedding got on the internet and still it is an amazement for him to be a popular personality known by the name of Dancing Uncle.

The name popularised on Twitter when the viral video started a hashtag trend on Twitter of #DancingUncle. Since the day he topped the chart of trending personalities in India, he has neither been able to talk to his children nor rest for a moment.

Mr Shrivastava is not a dancer by profession nor a regular dancer but there was something about it that has intrigued him since childhood. He first started dancing when he was 10 years old and since then has won trophies in every competition that he participated. Currently appointed as the Brand Ambassador of his Municipal Corporation, his zeal for this very art is outstanding.

“I could never imagine that I’d become famous for my dance moves,”Some relatives uploaded it on Facebook and it took off. The media picked it up – I haven’t been able to rest over the past four days,” Sanjeev told the BBC.

His twitter account which is only a week old has now more than 3,000 followers and flooded with GIFs and videos of him dancing on several occasions. Not just the common public but his bold moves have gathered the attention of celebrities and politicians. After the video went viral, the media spotted him at Bhopal Railways Station and then was followed to his home.

Popular personalities such as Anushka Sharma, Omar Abdullah and Siddhartha Gigoo have retweeted about his moves and wants him to continue this entertaining journey.

All hell broke loose when recently Sanjeev was celebrating his birthday and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh along with senior political leader Digvijaya Singh surprised him on his doorstep. Shivraj Singh Chouhan congratulated him on the occasion and also made a sweet tweet to him saying.

“Humare Vidisha ke Bhopal mein karyakart professor Sri Sanjeev Shrivastava ji ki zindaadili ne pure Bharat mein internet par tehelka macha diya hai. Maano ya na maano, Madhya Pradesh ke paani mein kuch toh khaas baat hai. [Sri Sanjeev Shrivastava, a professor at Bhopal has taken the internet by storm with his vivaciousness. Whether you agree or not, there is something special about the water in Madhya Pradesh]”

Sanjeev is not just an example of a person of passion but also someone who hasn’t forgotten his childhood dreams amidst the realities of growing up. The world says that it is very important for a person to mature in terms of understanding the real dimensions of life but there’s one thing that people forgot.

The child within one that never grows old. It’s important for a person to protect it from being forgotten because of the outside world as the true joy of living comes out when one becomes that very child that they are.

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