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Had Difficulty Finding Good School, 17-Yr-Old Founded School Certification Firm

We can not solve a problem with the same thinking that created it

We all know that school education is meant to provide that early essential knowledge to a student so that they are aware of the world and its developments. It is expected that school education will empower students to face and solve problems as well as challenges they may face in course of their life. But what if school education is improper and lacks adequate qualities?

Improper school education can permanently weaken the fundamentals of a student. However, no one has really been serious about this extremely important issue. We all know that Indian education system has serious problems which need to be resolved at the earliest. We expect our leaders, bureaucrats, lawmakers and educationalists to solve this problem, but no one seems to care.

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them. A step has been taken to solve this problem but not by a leader or an educationalist but surprisingly a teenage student has come up with an initiative to address the issue.

Born in 1998, Akshay Agarwal had a tough time finding a good school after he cleared STD 10. His parents were keen that their child gets proper education. They did not believe that paying high fee will automatically get him good grades. They took all possible steps to make sure their son is admitted to a school that can help him build strong fundamentals. This entire episode made Akshay have a different perspective toward this problem.

Usually people forget the difficulties they faced after sulking and cursing the system for a few days but Akshay decided to work toward solving the problem for everyone.

After doing the initial research, Akshay launched a platform named ClassFever. The platform began as a review aggregation platform but was later converted into a full-fledged crowdsourced big data ranking platform.

Akshay used smart techniques to get the initial data by dividing his friends in alpha-teams. These teams generated initial data by talking to other friends for different schools. Apart from school review system, key services by ClassFever include hassle-free online school enrollment for the students. ClassFever ratings are auto-updated at a regular interval. The platform also offers schools and students to participate in extracurricular events. ClassFever’s revenue comes from school admission consultancy and school certification programs making his company certify schools while he is still a student!

“Based on a variety of factors, we assign events and competitions official ranks which they can use in their corporate communications. We cover MUNs, debates, corporate competitions, olympiads, competitive exams, social service opportunities and basically anything and everything co-curricular for teenagers. Events that wish to register with us can write to us.” – Akshay said to The Startup Journal.

Apart from ClassFever, Akshay is also the founder of Ukhadlo – a networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and incubators. Akshay has also spoken twice at TedX events in Mumbai and Pune, other than Brainstorm Events. He is currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design in California.

ClassFever has a long way ahead but Akshay has proved that we can solve any problem if we care to change the thinking that created the problem.

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