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From Battling Racial Abuse To Rocking Hollywood – Incredible Story Of Desi Girl

She has got a fascinating exterior and a rock solid interior. Killer looks, killer instinct and hardwork of gigantic amount when mixed right makes the brand Priyanka Chopra – rocking it since 1982. In all these years, she has made sure that no single word becomes big enough to describe her. She is an entertainment artist who sings, dances, acts and wows people with everything she does. But she has had her share of struggles, let us look at what went into the making of PC, fondly known as Piggy Chops.


Her fans want to know everything about her. Everything.

Did you know that Padma Shri Priyanka Chopra, before all her achievements, was a typical teenager who had no confidence in herself? Yes, she may look like she is a born star but she had to make her way. At 13, Chopra moved to the United States to live with her aunt and finish her schooling. It was there when she first tasted racial abuse for being a ‘brown’ Indian girl.

A bunch of classmates were really mean to me. I was asked to go back to my country on the back of an elephant. It was rough and made me feel like I am nothing

Feeling unworthy and dejected in three years in US, she came back to Bareilly to finish her school; she was preparing for 12th boards then. It was then when her mother, to boost the broken confidence, sent her photographs for Miss India contest.

“I am a big geek. I loved science and math in school and did not think I could ever win a beauty tag. I simply went there to take a break”


But she did. And not just Miss India, she went on to become the Miss World, too. “I knew even if I win, I was going to be different. I was going to be a chatty Miss World,” she laughs. From there, she entered in Bollywood and met with both commercial success and critical acclaim. And at a time when usually the Bollywood actresses sit back and enjoy their success, PC went ahead and dreamt of something bigger.

In 2015, Chopra signed on to the cast of Quantico, an American TV show about FBI recruits. With the role, Chopra became the first Indian woman to star in a leading American TV network drama and marks her most visible crossover to date from Bollywood to Hollywood.

“There is no such transition for me from Bollywood to Hollywood. I am an actor and does not matter if I am acting in Mumbai or Russia. I think I will go crazy if I do not work. I love my work and careers and I have been doing this since I was 17. I don’t know anything else”

So, what next you ask? Priyanka Chopra is playing the villain in the new Baywatch movie – a name which already enjoys a cult status. She is playing a villain in her first Hollywood debut. Let us say no more and show you what a mega magic she is. Scroll down:

Dwayne Johnson & Priyanka Chopra



So much oomph!


Drop-dead gorgeous







Priyanka Chopra is a Desi phenomenon, an entertainer, an artist who sings, writes, dances, acts and who strives to wow people with everything she does. You must like, comment, share this link if you are blown away by this powerful, glamorous woman.

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