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How A Farmer’s Son Went On To Create Rs 1,100 Cr Company From Just Rs 15,000

This is success story of a man who not only challenged the norms of FMCG sector but also changed them because of his focus on goal. He revolutionized the sachet marketing and caught attention of the entire industry. When he started-off, he just had a meager sum of Rs 15,000 in hand and now sits on a yearly turnover of more than Rs 1,100 crore.

But this success did not come to him on a platter. Hours of hardwork, phases of struggle and will to do something different made him what he is today.

Yes, this is the success story of Cavinkare Private Limited’s Founder CK Ranganathan. The man began his journey from a relatively unknown city of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. Born into an extremely poor farmer’s home, CK received his primary education from his father, at home. He was weak in studies which is why his father wanted that he made his career either in agriculture or get into some smallish business.

Other than this, pets were a huge part of his life. When he was just in STD 5, he has a total of 500 pigeons, dozens of colorful fish and a variety of birds in his house. He hoped that this could help in the future by some means.

Life took an ugly turn when he stepped into college. His father passed away leaving entire responsibility of the family on young CK’s shoulder. He had no option but to sell his pets collection and begin a business with the money he got. He stepped into the business of making shampoo in 1983.

The Beginning

In his earlier days, he could not run his business successfully. He struggled and had to merge his operations with his brother venture Velvet International and Velvet Shampoo. But CK Ranganathan could never let go off his dream of heading a business on his own. Riding on this wish, he once again began chasing his dreams and restarted Chik India.

In the beginning, the company only made shampoo and sold it in villages and towns. He was selling his product to people at a very affordable cost. One sachet for Rs 2. Providing a high-quality product at such a low cost got him a large customer base. Around this time, he changed the name of his company and rebranded it as Cavinkare and also launched some beauty products under its banner. The journey had begun again and was expanding now.

Taking The Leap

CK’s father meant everything to him and he established the company in his memory. The word ‘cavinkare’ means beauty and glow from the ancient times. The company now was becoming bigger day after day and Ranganathan had to never look back from this point.

His next move was in direction on making scent in the fragrance of flowers. Their products with rose and jasmine was a huge hit among the masses. Everyday 35 lakh pouches were being sold and this gave the company entry in the million dollar club. Today, Chik has become India’s second largest shampoo brand after Clinic Plus.

This gave way to more products and Cavinkare launched pickles, Nyle herbal shampoo, Meera hair wash powder, Forever cream, Indica coloring and many other such brands. All these brands are highly popular among the Indian masses.

What Next

Ranganathan follows a schedule where he wakes up at 5.30 am and goes for swimming for half hour. He gives ample time to his children and reads many books on management. He is constantly focused on taking his company to the global markets.

After a few months, the company launched a toilet cleaner in the market packed in pouches.  Cavinkare is one such company that uses advanced packaging techniques. The Tex toilet cleaner became a major success in Tamil Nadu.

Ranganathan failed in the beginning of his career but he never let go of his dream to become a successful businessman. He innovated, thought out of the box and innovated a whole new range of products.

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