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Cheers! Tailor’s Son Creates History In IIM, Bags Highest Pay Package

How important do you think is education? We often come across stories of people with little or no education, who make it big with hard work. When you wonder if education really plays a significant role in your life, we often fail to understand that even if we have a certain talent, we will get nowhere without educating ourselves about it.

Education is an all-round development of a person’s body, mind, and soul. Learning is an enduring lifelong process which continues till your very last day, it is an essential component of living. And one person who is an example of this is Justin Fernandez who carved a way out of all his plights and troubles with education.

Struggle since childhood

Justin was born to a family in Kollam, Kerala, that struggled to make ends meet. His grandfather was a tailor and consecutively, it was only out of natural instinct and choice that his father also joined the family’s tailoring business. In the years to come, the growing industrialization resulted in the boost of the readymade garment market, which in turn hampered the income of the Fernandez household drastically.

“There wasn’t enough work, and my father started finding it difficult to earn for our basic needs,” recalls the 27-year-old.

The family income was a mere Rs 50,000 per annum which wasn’t enough to suffice for even the basic necessities. Matters got worse by the day, and the family was dependent on government subsidies to make ends meet. “Ration supplied through public distribution system (PDS) was our main source of food,” Justin recalls.

Education- a way out

In such difficult times, he decided to stay true to himself and never give up on pursuing his goals to pave a path of a better lifestyle for himself. He knew that getting himself the right education and the right job could end all his plights. Justin’s aunt, who was a blessing to the Fernandez family, was a constant source of support to him and his sister.

She took care of their education till STD 12 and released the burden off the family’s shoulder. Justin then completed his BTech from Government College of Engineering, Trivandrum, paying for his academic expenses through scholarships. Despite having lack of facilities, he ensured he took every single opportunity that came his way.

He worked for two years with a software company, while his main plan was to pursue an MBA from IIM-Kozhikode. However, after giving the entrance exam, he failed to clear in his first attempt.

Scripting history at IIM-N

“I was getting older, so finally enrolled for Nagpur after the second attempt,” says the IIM- Nagpur student. During his placements, Justin created history by bagging a job at a Hyderabad based firm- Value Labs which offered him a position of associate director at their firm cushioned with a pay package of Rs 19 lakh.

The part that makes this event so memorable is that, the position and the pay package are the highest that has ever been offered to a student in the history of IIM-N. Even though he will be beginning his corporate journey as a director in a technology firm, he aims to become a sports manager someday.

We congratulate Justin for his sheer hard word, perseverance, and determination which helped him achieve his goals. He stands as a noteworthy example of inspiration for all the youth out there chasing their ambitions and dreams. His story itself, is evidence enough, that education can turn tables for you, can work wonders in your life.

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