Why This Boy Gave Up On His IIT Seat Is Worth Gold. Respect!

We strive to be our best selves, to live with a purpose, and execute it courageously. Many people have done exemplary work in various fields and made their place felt. Today’s story is about a young lad from Uttarakhand who is an inspiration for all those people who are leading an aimless life. Shivansh Joshi has his eyes set on serving the nation from a very early age.

Shivansh hails from a middle-class family from Rampur, Uttarakhand. His father works in the Life Insurance Corporation and his mother is a primary school teacher. He was an all-rounder student who fared well in studies, sports, and other co-curricular activities. But since his childhood, he dreamt of just one thing- serving in the military.

After his schooling, Shivansh wanted to join the NDA but his father had one condition. “The only thing my father told was- if you want to join the NDA, first prove that you can crack IIT,” he tells. Shivansh started working extremely hard for the exams. Finally the bitter plant of hard work harvested a sweet fruit of success and he scored a staggering score of 97% in the JEE examination. After that there was no looking back.

Shivansh started pursuing his dreams and scored good grades in the NDA exams as well. Talking about his ambition, he says, “I am inspired by those people who have made the supreme sacrifice of their lives for the country. I also want to contribute towards the development of my country and I can do it better as a man in the uniform.”

Shivansh dropped his well-deserved seat in the IIT, which many students strive for. But serving the country was always his objective. “The love for the country runs in the youth of Uttarakhand and I feel fortunate to be living my dream now.”

Very rarely we find such youngsters who possess such a strong decision for their life. Shivansh is an inspiration not only for teenagers but for everyone. He teaches us to have faith on our dreams and not settle unless and until our goals are reached.

Are you working hard to fulfill your dreams? If not, then buckle up, stay strong and determined. Your goals are calling you, go answer them and you will get the best reward from life.

KenFolios wishes Shivansh good luck for his future.

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