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What This Bengaluru Doctor Is Doing In A Village Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We expect doctors to serve the sick and live a life of luxury but what this 36-year-old has done is extraordinary. Dr Seemma Saadhika works in the field of anti-aging and is very different from doctors who sit inside their posh cabin.

Seemma’s life took a new turn when she was organising a medical camp in a Bengaluru village. A lady from the village walked up to her and said, “You come here once in six months, organize a camp, diagnose us and give us the treatment but after that we have nowhere to go.” This incident inspired Seemma to dig deeper about the problems of the village.

She found out that the children of the village were very intelligent but did not score well in school. When she spent more time speaking with the villagers, she found out that it wasn’t children’s fault. Their school schedule was such that by the time they returned home it got dark and they couldn’t study on their own.

Her career was booming but problems of Banadur village stuck in her mind and she decided to do something about it. With four like-minded friends, she brought solar light in the village which is providing electricity in more than 70 schools and powering the street lights. This almost instantly reflected in the students’ grades.

Seemma then moved a step further and launched e-learning facility for the students which solved their doubts and assisted in their studies without paying for a tuition teacher. Interacting and learning through this modern techniques boosted the confidence in the children and made them more curious about learning.

All this is funded by Seemma which is also being used to help prepare become self-reliant. She encourages people and provides them with monetary support to open mobile repair shops, tailoring business, eatery or similar scale enterprises. Sometimes she gets donations by people who come across her work through the word of mouth.

Not only this, her efforts to improve children’s future has brought the villagers together who once did not even interact with each other. This particular village was marred with caste and economic barriers which separated one community from the other. But when they saw Seemma working selflessly to uplift their living conditions, they resolved their differences and extended their full support to her.

Now every month, every home contributes a sum of Rs 20 which is paid to the caretaker and in-charge of the solar panel. She travels to the village every week to keep a check on developments.

Dr Seemma Saddhika chose the strenuous path of looking beyond her personal needs and comforts and created an entire social structure to benefit hundreds of villagers of a village which was far away from receiving any governmental support.

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