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At Max People Feel Sorry, But This 20-Y-O Went Ahead And Turned Her Home Into School. Read:

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As we are stepping in to the future where we are witnessing rapid development in various sectors. From globalization and scientific research to inevitable social reforms, the country has seen a huge change since independence. However, there are still many parts in the country which is untouched by basic development, education being one of them.

Such was the scene in the industrial suburbs of Jajmau (also known as Jajesmow), home to some of the biggest leather tanneries in Northern India. Children from underprivileged families would run around the city collecting garbage and doing odd jobs. Some even began working in tanneries at a tender age to earn some extra money for their families.

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Sana Parveen, a 20-year-old graduate from Kanpur University couldn’t stand the sight and decided to spark a revolution.

A difficult road

Sana would often see these children roaming around all day long, using obscene and abusive language. She was deeply bothered by their condition and wanted to provide them a better life. The only way she knew to better their future was by providing education. She then decided to talk to their parents.

However, like good deeds are not accepted in the society immediately, similarly, Sana faced difficulty when she approached the parents. She had to face scornful eyes and humiliation. For those parents, their kids were a source of extra income. What mattered to them more than education and better life was the extra 400 bucks that their kids earned. 

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The passion of an educator

But Sana was determined. It was her dream to provide a better life to these children. She could do everything to make it a reality. Her father, Naushad, supported her throughout her journey. He would accompany Sana when she would go around, convincing the tannery laborers to let their children attend school. They only way they would agree, Sana knew, was if education was free of cost.

So, in 2015, Sana and Naushad started a school in their own house for these kids. The provided education to them free of cost. The money that was required to set up the school was raised through donation.

When dreams become reality

The school now accommodates 80 students, out of which 65 are regular attendees. Alongside Naushad, Sana has two of her friends in her team, Zainab and Najo. All of them are the teachers in the school. 

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Speaking to Navbharat Times, Sana says, “The area I am residing and working in is very backward vices. I truly believe education is the only thing that can pull them out and transform their lives. I want to help them become better and responsible citizens of the country.” They have children from all religions and castes studying here. Most of them are extremely underprivileged. “So, all it required for me to convince their parents to send them to school was a free education.”

Sana’s dream is now changing lives of so many children. If more people come and help even one child by providing him education, very soon, we will welcome a brighter future. We wish Sana all the best for her endeavours.

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