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A Cop Who’s Unique Approach To Crimes Will Turn You Into Her Admirer

A nation’s major goal should be safety and security of its people. No one should be led to a point where they have to give up their essential liberty for temporary safety, as it diminishes the meaning of being an individual and living in an independent country.

India has, for decades, overflown with grievances around protecting and safeguarding its women. Many women are targets of violent crimes including rape, molestation, domestic abuse, acid attack, and many more. When it comes to filing a complaint, they are terrified to even confide in the police. As a result, numerous crimes do not get registered and the criminals roam around freely. To combat such social atrocities, hundreds of women’s police stations have been set up across the nation.

Woman on the right track

From one of those women’s police station, we introduce you to Parmila Dalal, the second-in-command at the women’s police station in Sonipat, located around 40 km north of Delhi. Parmila has been a police officer for 20 years. She is in-charge of 17 women police officers and nine policemen who support her to fight with crimes against women.

Parmila deals with several cases on a daily basis that come from the general public. While she works as a police officer managing affairs of public order and dealing with crime investigations, she also spends most of her time counselling people. She believes in keeping peace and works hard to keep families together.

“Since the time women police stations have opened, people expect a lot from us. They believe in us. Every day is a new challenge,” says Parmila.

Many aggrieved women come to her with problems that they face at home, be it torture by the in-laws or cases of dowry demands. In such scenarios, rather than choosing harsh measures, Parmila resorts to making amends by reconciliation.

Fighting ancient demons

Dowry and caste discrimination have been outlawed but the cultural narrow-minded attitude still lingers on. Despite various strict laws over problems such as dowry demands or rape, the number of cases does not seem to be going downhill.

“Women have become more aware about their rights. They will not put up with the crimes anymore,” she says.

A weapon that empowers

One thing that has drastically changed over the years is that now women feel more liberated and confident to report about crimes against them, knowing that there is a law-abiding body that will rectify the situation.

In small villages like Sonipat, women face domestic problems due to the male dominance of the society. Most of them have marital issues struggling to adjust to a conservative and traditional married life. The only solution here is to push in education. Parmila believes that after the opening of women’s police station, they have got power. “We are not going to lag behind.”

“Girls are no longer weak and helpless. The police are here for them. We are their strength and courage,” says Parmila.

Parmila tries to handle these matters with grave sensitivity and wit. After a day of sweat and turmoil, it is a relief to see her managing things at home with humor and charm. She is a proud mother of two daughters and wants them to empower themselves.

The idea of building women police stations turned out to be very obliging. Thanks to this, the attitudes and notions of women are getting progressive by the minute.

Officers like Parmila are the real brave hearts the nation needs right now to tackle the situation of safety and security for women. If the stations continue to build up on their success, they can help overcome this problem in the near future. Our lady cops are an inspiration and a strong example for women all across the globe.

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