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Thank This Indian. Now You Can Use Plastic Without Harming Environment

Heaps of garbage that we see on the outskirts of our cities attract many stray dogs, cows and birds. Attracted by the smell of food they accidentally inject plastic bags and die a terribly painful death. Have you ever thought why government bans on plastic bags has not been able to solve the problem yet?

It is because we have failed to come up with a better alternative. When 25-year-old Ashwath Hegde heard about the plastic ban in his hometown Mangalore and the inconvenience that it brought for the people, he decided to find a solution. Ashwath, biotech engineer by profession, contacted two French researchers who were working on a similar project and immediately collaborated with them to create India’s first ever organic plastic bag.

You can boil it, burn it, eat it and even carry all your groceries in it without any worries. It looks and functions like a plastic bag so how does he prove it to be organic?

To prove that no harm can come from these carry bags Ashwath doesn’t mind eating the bag and even drinking it after it dissolves in a glass of water

What gives him the confidence to do so, you ask? It has to be the ingredients which are absolutely natural and free from harmful implications. His company EnviGreen uses sweet potato, corn, sugarcane, tapioca fibre, oil and vegetable waste to make these carry bags and only natural products go into making of the colors used in printing.

If our entire country starts using these instead of plastic bags we can save many animals from dying and save The bag only takes 15 seconds to dissolve in water 80 degrees Celsius, transforms into ash when burnt without generating poisonous fumes and becomes one with the environment if left in open for 180 days.

Knowing the fact that not everyone can afford cloth bags which cost Rs 5 to Rs 15 per piece, EnviGreen has priced their stack for Rs 3, only a rupee more than the cost of plastic bags. They collect raw material directly from the farmers giving them an opportunity to generate side income.

This innovative and eco-friendly product has already been approved by Karnataka’s pollution control board and has been certified that is ain’t plastic and is made completely with starch by-product. Ashwath has also launched an online campaign promoting his idea and product and the response has been very encouraging.



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