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9 Start-Ups That Prove Artists Can Make The Most Attractive, Profitable Firms

If there can be one forecast for India, it could easily be that bloom in the start-up scene is here to stay. In this age of digital dreams, creativity and passion for your work can not only establish you as a brand but also make way for rewards and profits. Today, artists from every part of our country are proving that it doesn’t take a massive budget or college certification to get traction.

If you think making a sparkling career or business out of arts is not practical, we urge you to take motivation from this post. We bring you nine outstanding brands that have squeezed the juice while they created something beautiful alongside.

Here are nine art and creative startups that sparkle of success:

1. The Indian Handwritten Corporation

Ankit Anubhav, with few of his friends, started The Indian Handwritten Corporation in 2016 after they realised messy and tangled writings can positively or negatively impact a relationship. They set up a blog and later got into writing letters for a living. Oh, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Ankit and his team’s challenge was to fulfil their client’s request even when hadn’t mentioned name of the letter’s recipient. Missing addresses also became a regular struggle for the team. What started off with a few letters is now a global platform that sends thousands of letters everyday in a number of languages.

2. Eternal Taal

Tapping her feet on classical Punjabi beats since childhood, Parv Kaur started her own musical journey with Eternal Taal in 1999. Her fascination for the instrument dhol took a temporary slump when she realized it is looked at as a male-dominated craft.

Parv’s biggest challenge was to kindle motivation in women to take up this loud form of music. She knew she had to do it and do it right which is why she overcame this hurdle with the help of AI integrated music technology. After getting exposure in a couple of Bollywood movies, her Eternal Taal is now globally famous as they have, to everyone’s pleasure, taken Punjabi folklore to another level.

3. Adarsh Balak

An illustrative art form captures creative reflection of an artist. Adarsh Balak, which had taken off as a Facebook page in May 2014 by Priyesh Trivedi, is now breaking stereotypes and uncovering the dark realities of young adults of India.

Despite receiving sharp criticism for his ‘cannibalistic-humour’ and circulating ‘dark’ content, Priyesh’s illustrations went viral and requests for more artwork began spilling from his inbox.

A hobby turned into a Facebook page landed him straight to Forbes 2017 list of 30 under 30. Today, he’s an inspiration for every dreaming artist and continues to create amazing paintings of the real world.

4. TaxiFabric

Sanket Avlani, an avid traveler, was catching a taxi to get to work. Taxis had become an inseparable part of his daily life but that day he observed the insides and the seat covers a little too deeply and then bam! It stuck his creative nerve.

The vision behind this ambitious project TaxiFabric is to make the world a bit more colorful and interesting. An interest, a mere side-hobby was turned into a successful business as they raised Rs 8 lakh as start-up capital. Their growth has only seen upward trend since then because honestly, who doesn’t wanna be enchanted by colors and patterns telling a captivating story? Sanket’s idea infused the extraordinary in an everyday cab ride.

5. Calipso

Delivering beauty services wherever the customer is the motto of Calipso, an interesting start-up founded by Gaurav Rana. He started nurturing an entrepreneurial dream while hustling at a job in Indore alongside making desperate attempts to pay off family debts.

Driven by his spontaneity, Gaurav approached someone who happened to be an IT specialist and received initial funding for his unique salon start-up. Now with more than 25 employees, his startup is valued at Rs 11 crore.

6. YourQuote

Harsh Snehanshu and Ashish Singh founded YourQuote Solutions Private Limited, a content sharing platform that traces the thoughts and beliefs in an never ending timeline. It was a vision and dream that turned into a million dollar business. Founded in August 2016, the idea was born in an IIT Delhi dorm room.

Through the initial seed funding, reaching the audience was a real tough job. Rolling with the hard work, now after a year it has now over two million posts and engaged audience.

7. PosterGully

A killer brand came up when love for posters with raging, graphic illustration began dominating the market. Bharat Sethi, a Delhi University commerce graduate, founded PosterGully in July 2013 in hopes of blazing the unorganised art industry.

The first six months were like a trial by fire for the company, lack of funding and beginning with the company structure was chaos. Connecting artists from global platforms and producing poster form illustrations slowly grew with a dedicated team and scalability in marketplace. Today, with the success and growth, PosterGully deserved to be given the nickname The Getty Images of Art.

8. Vimal Paintings

Credit- Vimal Chandran

A visual artist is a person of optimism. But turning the rusted wheel of making it a profitable business is still a work of hustle and sweat. After completing BA in Information Technology from Calicut University, Vimal Chandran was lost in the corporate world, witholding the passion to create.

Seven years into the lush offices and plaid suits, he broke free with Vimal’s sketching, paintings and photography. His work owns a sweet flavour of contemporary art, which has made him one of the most in-demand artist in India.

9. We Are One

We are one is a charitable trust that has made a significant difference in the world of art. Husnain belonged to a middle-class-family, struggling with family responsibilities and growing in a rural society, his dreams were for the good. In 2016, We Are One was formed to showcase the talent one can own, despite being disabled.

“We decided to bring back something that the society took away from us,” said Husnain, speaking of the unspeakable truth. Today, the Bharatanatyam performances from the hard-working group is a mystical work of art.

Someone has rightly said, “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” These people, with their creativity and unique ideas are taking the creative market by storm. If there is an artist inside you, embrace it and let it fly and shine.

Share this story with your artist friends and encourage them. Tell us your views by writing in the comment box below. We read each one of them.

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