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22-Y-O Was ‘Dead’ For An Hour But This Is How Delhi Docs Pulled Off A Complete Miracle

Life puts you in the most unpredictable situations. It’s this involuntary surge of curiosity that makes us overthink about people and situations. You never know what is going to happen around you next. However vulnerable we may seem on the outside, it is very difficult to know the status of our internal system. That is when doctors, who are considered magicians, gives life, and life in abundance.

Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, witnessed a medical marvel in the first week of February when Aasif Khan walked into the hospital complaining about acute chest pain.

The 22-year-old engineer, son of a tea-seller, from Aligarh was dead for nearly an hour when the doctors did everything possible to bring him back to life.

Unexpected jolt

Aasif had no clue about what was in store for him that day. While being examined for chest pain, he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed. His body wasn’t responding to anything and the trauma specialists ensured that they constantly supply blood by administering continuous Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

They kept giving shocks to his heart using a defibrillator. After more than an hour of unremitting efforts, Aasif responded. His heart revived, and there was a tangent of relief in the room. But that did not end there.

The next step was to find out the reason for the cardiac arrest and rectify the situation. Aasif was being shifted to the catheterization lab which has diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart.

No choice

While he was being wheeled to the Cath Lab for an angiogram in order to locate the blood clot, he suffered another cardiac arrest. The major turn of events left the doctors with no choice but to remove the clot and place a stent as soon as possible. The specialists ensured that CPR was still being administered.

The hospital authorities notified his family about the situation and took the required permissions to conduct the necessary operation. His parents were taken aback by the news and were worried about the well-being of their son. The doctors, without any delay, began on their mission to bring the boy back to his feet. They faced challenges one after the other before the boy finally showed some sign of life.

The hospital, as a gesture of goodwill, did not charge the family even a single penny for their son’s treatment.

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Miracle meds

When his heart was resuscitated, Aasif slipped into coma. He was put on ventilator and was continuously given medicines to improve his blood supply. For the next two days, he continued in coma and his brain function showed no sign of recovery.

Finally, after a lot of medications and suppositories, Aasif opened his eyes. He started responding, his body functions began stabilizing.

“We thought he was brain dead. We were planning tests to confirm it, when suddenly he opened his eyes. He was a young boy, we did not want to lose him at any cost,” said Dr NN Khanna, senior consultant, Apollo Hospital.

The aura at the hospital was filled with delight and happiness. The experience of the doctors and Aasif’s will power to fight back helped him get up even when his heart had stopped for over an hour. Aasif’s family could not thank the doctors enough for what they did to get their son back to life.

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