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21-Yr-Old Broke Shackles Of Poverty, Won India’s Heart And A Promising Career

  1. Millions of people in India live in poverty but don’t stop dreaming about a brighter future. But 21-year-old Khuda Baksh turned all those dreams into reality when he made it to the top 3 contestants of the popular singing show Indian Idol Season 9. Reaching here was almost like a miracle to him as his mother works as a domestic help and all their dreams usually ended at managing two square meals.

Now, after his exemplary performances he rests at a comfortable position but coming here has been a painful journey. He was born to Punjabi singer Seera Khan and Asha Begum in Badal village, Punjab which is the ancestral village of state’s former chief minister Prakash Singh Badal. His father had released an album of Punjabi songs, titled ‘Kar layi hor pasand’ but taken to alcohol. When Khuda Baksh was only 5, his father succumbed to his vices and died.

Five daughters and a son stared at a devastated Asha Begum who did not know how to feed them. Little Khuda Baksh began helping in the village Gurudwara which fed him and his family. To look after her children, Asha began working as a maid at other people’s house. As her son grew up he started taking odd jobs to support his mother.

Wading through poverty and hardship he has now won many hearts through his exemplary performances. Although he couldn’t win the title but he was a popular choice and received many standing ovations from judges and celebrity guests like Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Kangna Ranout etc.

Right from the beginning he showed tremendous growth in the show as he always knew struggle as the way of life for him. Khuda Baksh has risen to the top from the very bottom and is thankful for the opportunities that came his way.

After the show he returned to his village after three months and received a warm welcome. The youth of the area flocked him and took out a procession in his honor. His mother is the most proud mother now as people cannot stop praising her for her struggle and for bringing up such a talented singer. It is the first time someone from Punjab has gone so far in this prestigious show.

“I wanted my mother doesn’t have to work at other people’s house anymore. It is possible now. I plan on getting my sisters married well,” says Khuda Baksh.

His elder sister Afsana Khan, also an aspiring singer, is performing in “Rising Star” TV show. His endless struggle had opened many options for him and the cruel days of poverty are finally behind him.

Share his story so that everyone follows their dreams and realize them.

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