Meet This 20-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur And His Achievements Will Inspire You

At the young age of 20 when most youngsters are busy enjoying their college life, and making friendships, Bharat has already achieved a milestone in the field of business. While still a student in the second year of college, Bharat has readily captured a stretch of four years in web hacking and is an android developer.

Bharath Rao became an entrepreneur at an early age. He had it on his mind that he wanted to do something different and prove his worth in the field of business. He has been working hard and has a knack for widening his technological horizons. In 2015, he reported a security hack in iPhone and a Facebook location bug in June 2016. He developed Precily MVP and launched it on Google Play Store in July 2016.

He says, “I am super excited about using new technologies in mobile apps and web space. It amazes me how these can impact lives and also turn out to be extremely profitable for the creators. This is what led me to start exploring business opportunities.”

Precily is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based book and document summarizing platform that specializes in using AI software to prepare Precis (summaries) for busy people on the mobile and the web. Its initial days were full of struggles as it was hard to come up with such an idea that serves the majority of people as its client. Thus, the formation of AI software came across as two major use cases: 

1.      Summarizing legal cases (civil) with relevant sections of the law quoted.

2.      Solving handwriting recognition problem of doctors and medical technicians and experts.

Thus, prescriptions and medical notes will be rendered in clear pdf format for error-free actionability.

From its interactions with CEOs, business leaders, executives, professionals, and students, Precily found that when they want to read or research about any serious subject that they had to sift through a large variety of books and documents before deciding the right set of sources.

The dire need was to provide a quick summary so they could decide which one or two non-fiction books or docs to read for key takeaways.

“I pitch my idea to investors and as the CTO, I lead the app design and development. Starting Precily was the turning point of my life. I drew courage and inspiration for doing something on my own from Anantha Rao who now works as the Chief Operating Officer at Precily. He advised me to look beyond college degrees to achieve great things in life”.

The major roadblock was raising the funding for developing the platform on a larger scale after the beta version was launched on Google Play Store. The other hindrance was the manual process of summarizing that involved grammar, readability and plagiarism checks. The AI software that Precily is building, aims to provide a summary of 70,000 word document in a few minutes.

But a committed set of technology enthusiasts, who bring a complementary set of skills to deliver a world class product helps the technology grow despite the major hiccups it has to face from time to time.

The future plan of Precily is to find more customized applications across verticals and serve these markets profitably. This business is formulated by a passion for solving busy people’s problems in an accurate and scalable fashion.

Apart from Precily, Bharath has also worked as a growth hacker with 1M1B with variety of stakeholders such as Government of Andhra Pradesh, UC Berkeley and weaver community.

He says, “My involvement in 1M1B exposes to me newer areas and I see that as a great learning opportunity.” He divides his time between college and Precily. He was also a volunteer for TEDxDelhi. He is a volunteer with United Nations since August 2016.

Bharath’s message to youth is to “believe in yourself to make your dreams come true.”

His success at a young age is inspiring and the youth finds his spirit contagious. He believes success and hard work go hand in hand. Thus, we can see age is not a restriction to the achievements a person can have. It all depends on how a person overcomes the setbacks and still keeps on going that is where the success awaits.

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