16-Yr-Old Security Guard Tops Jharkhand Board. Here’s His Percentage

This year’s STD 10 result for board of Jharkhand meant the most important day for a security guard. Odd, isn’t it? Not when this security guard has topped the state with 95.8 percent. It has been a long and hard journey for this 16-year-old boy but when the results came out everyone knew that the juice was worth the squeeze.

Meet the glorious teenager Nitish Kumar Mahto, a resident of Sahibganj, who has aced the state with 95.8 percent, according to the Jharkhand Academic Council. Born to a poverty-stricken family, he grew up watching his father work as a laborer at construction sites. Life was extremely hard which taught his father the importance of education. He saw it as the only way that can change the fortune of his children which is why he got Nitish admitted in the best school of his town.

This decision put additional burden of his father but he was happy that the ordeal would be over soon as his son was a bright student. But he did not expect what the future had in store. Nitish’s father died an untimely death and the sole breadwinner of the family was gone in a jiffy. It was now upto Nitish to look after the family and meet all their expenses, including his school fee.

It was a do or die situation but Nitish kept his calm and rose up to the occasion. He took up a job of a security guard – something he never aspired to do but had to. He used to attend school and in study in the day and guard a residential complex in the night. His mother and sister became his constant emotional support and a source of motivation.

I used to take my books along with me on night duties so that I utilize every free minute. – Nitish

It is indeed true that hard work always pays off like it did for Nitish. He went through emotional and financial struggles, lived in insufficient resources but never lost his focus. The entire society, people from the building he guarded, his relatives, and neighbors applauded his dedication and his result. Nitish wants to be an engineer and has his eyes set on IITs – one of the top institutes of the country.

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