How An 11-Yr-Old Launched Swachh Bharat Mission Many Years Ago

We all know Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan started after Narendra Modi announced the campaign. But the reality is there were some people who already had their intentions set on a clean India. Long before the offing of the campaign, there was a person, who at a very young age, had given a thought on a cleaner and safer India.

The one who faces the problem is the one who comes up with a solution. Entrepreneurship is all about finding that one situation that hits your brains to think. Eleven-year-old Binish Desai made an eco-friendly product wishing to create a lesser-polluted India.

While in STD 4, Binish found that a used chewing gum was stuck to his pants. He took a piece of paper, wrapped the chewing gum in it, and kept it aside thinking that he will deal with it later, as he was in the classroom. Later, when his lecture ended he saw the paper wrapped around the gum had hardened and was glued to it. The paper had become thick and tough which gave him the idea of making a brick using chewing gum and paper.

On experimenting more, Binish decided to replace chewing gum with an organic binder as it could put the industrial waste at work, rather than adding to the landfills. With this mechanism in mind he developed his own company named BDream, and also got a patent done for this technology at the age of 16. His company then starting working with various big companies and NGOs as a part of the corporate social responsibility.

He initially had a thought of making homes in the rural areas, but later noticed that apart from homes the next basic necessity is a toilet. And so he focused on building toilets in the rural areas so that the people there can make use of their basic right to live in a healthy environment.

These blocks are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, suitable for earthquake-prone regions, and they have a higher compressive strength. These bricks are made by the hand-press method. The industrial waste helps in producing a gum base while making the block and this helps in making it tough and think.

A lot of industrialist have appreciated this idea and look forward to help Binish by lending him the waste of their industries. Today, he is 23-year-old and has built around 1,000 toilets in Gujarat, Pali in Maharashtra and Hyderabad, and has helped over 3,000 people. It roughly costs him Rs 9,000-30,000 to build a toilet with these paper blocks. He aims at achieving a Swachh Bharat by 2019 under the dreams of Narendra Modi and Mahatma Gandhi.

Working with only paper, Binish is also experimenting and researching with gypsum waste, metal waste, textile waste, and various types of secondary paper waste such as sludge from cardboard and craft paper. According to him, if he alone with his initiative can recycle 400 tonnes of industrial waste then we all together can make a huge difference.

Binish also addresses directing students through colleges and educational institutions. He also aims at coming up with a course on waste management and opening up a research facility lab in Gujarat, wherein students can think upon ways to recycle waste and make earth a better place to live.

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