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10 Choicest Advices Your Start-Up Will Ever Get

Everyone wants to be successful, but not all work toward it. Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today. The ones who are now asked how they did it, were the same ones back in time who were questioned why are they doing it.

Many a times, we do not know where to start and hence, here are some of the basic 10 rules that one should follow in order to achieve success:

1. Cause an impact

If you are trying to be an entrepreneur, a leader, an activist, what one specifically tries to do is have impact. Time is a fundamental belonging and how we manage it, is crucial. Your productivity of time can be measured on the impact that you create in that time frame. Whatever you do, make sure that it creates an impact, a broad one, ensuring it brings about a change around the world.

2. Think big

The best part about growing up is that we learn the art of thinking big. We begin to have dreams, goals, and aspirations for our organizations, our families or even for ourselves. The vulnerable advantage about thinking big is that it enables you to achieve big. You become an example, a benchmark of achievement which even motivates others to accomplish more than they themselves thought was possible. This is only possible through internal motivation which really come from a vision that’s big enough.

3. Go for growth

The most common mistake people make is being too worried about upward trajectory and not being worried enough about growth. Care less about your level in the hierarchy of an organization in contrast to the underlying growth. Learning is a lifelong process with a simple rule, the more the better. Hence, it is important to explore growth opportunities rather than running behind positions.

4. Communicate authentically

Authentic communication is almost always possible. Start by understanding that there is no truth. There’s my truth, there’s your truth and so furthermore, everything is subjective. If you walk into a conversation with a set of beliefs stating that they exist for some particular reason, with a mind open to change your beliefs on a reasonable ground, you give room for authentic communication. Expecting to listen to another perspective is what breaks down the communication barrier. Sharing your truth in an appropriate language is what helps enhance an effective communication relationship.

5. Hire big

Hire people who can over achieve, have more experience, are more qualified and who have more potential. In an organization, hiring the right set of crew can make sure that a standard expansionary growth which would ideally take a couple of years can even be achieved within months. Selecting the right person for the right job is the essence of running the organization. Hire people that you want to work with now and would want to work with then, few years from now, because then happens so quickly.

6. Don’t just talk, really listen!

People tell you the truth when they know you are actually listening. We lead best when we walk shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues. This is merely possible by creating an atmosphere where you aren’t only giving orders, suggestions or feedbacks but are also taking them. This is when you receive an honest picture about your work, which helps you to rectify it and work on yourself.

7. Take responsibility

There is no such thing as complete control. The people at the top too find it even more difficult because of the vast number of things at hand. The core principle of having control is taking responsibility for its success or failure. Excuses aren’t going to take us anywhere, if we convince ourselves we can get out of a situation without taking responsibility, it will be easy enough to convince ourselves that it is acceptable to fail. The moment we take responsibility is the moment we start working towards the success of an event.

8. Measure results, not facetime

Everything we do, we do with an outcome in mind, a result to target. It is very important to measure performance based on results. If a company will focus on facetime, all they will get is facetime. If an organization focuses on people who are working hard rather than those who are achieving, people will begin working hard without focusing on results.

9. Find something you really believe in

The best kind of leaders and innovators, Edison, Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, had one entity in common, they all found that one unique thing they believed in. We are free today, because one man believed in the fact that he could drive away the British without having to pick the path of violence. He held onto that vision, even when people tried to take it away from him. Start by finding something you believe in, a product you love, a cause you really care about. By doing so, not only will you be inspired, but you in turn will begin to inspire everyone else around you and that is the most significant part of leadership.

10. Careers are not ladders, but jungle gyms

Do not run into life like a horse with blinders, looking forward is not the only option. Explore your career as a jungle gym, look sideways, around corners, discover the paths less travelled. Don’t stress about the blank spaces because at times, that’s where the best surprises and opportunities lie.

Excerpts narrowed down from advices given by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operation Officer, Facebook.

Knowledge about these rules won’t help you get successful, but putting these into practice will. Share, tag, and comment below. We read each one of them.

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