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Wii Games: Leaders in Video Game Console

Wii Games: Leaders in Video Game Console

We were discussing and analyzing various online, PC and Android games for some time now. Let us shift our focus to video game console for a moment. Now what is a video game console? A video game console is nothing, but an interactive computer producing video display signals to be displayed by a display device, like a television set or monitor and a video game can be observed. They are termed “video game console” because the primary goal is to be fitted with a television instead of other machines or home computers (though it is possible). The invention of video game console has taken place way back in the 1950s (the 1st generation) and since then continued its successful journey in winning hearts of millions. The latest i.e., the 8th generation is launched in 2013.

In video game consoles a sharing media are required to play various games. Various video games come with these media. Previously, cartridges are used as distribution/ sharing media. Nowadays internet and optical media are used instead of cartridges. The hardware of consoles has changed markedly over the years with the evaluation of the new generations and not always the next generation is made compatible with the earlier generations (often only the recent past generation is compatible i.e. 5th generation is compatible with 6th generation, but not the 4th and the 5th will not be compatible with 7th). So gamer comfortable with earlier generation often finds it difficult to adjust with the changed scenario. But these adjustments have to be made as this trend is followed by almost all hardware/ software manufacturers to popularize the latest generation.

Video Game Consoles are responsible for almost 75% of the general purpose computer power consumption worldwide, just marking their popularity. It is even banned in China since June 2000.

Wii video game console

The Wii game is now the leading home video game console. It is a Nintendo production and first introduced in November, 2006. This is a seventh-generation console, and its main competitors are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. The advantage of Nintendo is that it has a broader demographic vision than the two closest rivals. Wii video game console clearly leads in worldwide sales and even broken records in this context.

When compared to previous Nintendo versions, the Wii game has many advanced features including the Wii Remote (primary wireless controller, which can also be used as a handheld pointer and can detect movements in all three dimensions) and WiiConnect24 (in standby mode also it can receive messages and updates over the Internet). Additionally it offers Virtual Console service, the first console to do so. This feature enables you to download selected games (emulated) from past systems.

Nintendo always has this principle of backward model compatibility. Nintendo’s previous console was the Nintendo GameCube, and the successive models all have compatibility with every Nintendo GameCube games and most accessories. Nintendo announced the launch of this Wii game console back in 2004 and finally launched in 2006 (the prototype being launched in 2005). After introductions, it won several prizes. The reconfiguration of the model was released in 2011 and renamed as “Wii Family Edition” (except Japan). But the Nintendo Game Compatibility was removed from this model. In 2012 the Wii Mini was launched, which is compatible with Wii optical disc only and there is no GameCube and online game compatibility. Wii Mini succeeded the previous compact model from Nintendo, the compact SNES. The Nintendo latest is the Wii U, released on November, 2012.

You can visit the official Nintendo website for more information.

You can also order online Wii Video Game Console in Flipkart (only in India) or Amazon. This is just for information purpose and you can opt for any source according to your choice. The usual price range is around $150 to $300 (Rs 16000/-) and the game discs has various ranges $15 to $100 (Rs 1000/- to 3000/-). Hope you find this information useful and have a rocking time with Wii Video Game Console.


Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net