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The best useful spy gears

The best useful spy gears

Mellow Greetings to one and all, today’s post would revolve around the super cool gadgets and gizmos we drool over in Spy-tech movies. This is not a lesson on spying and stalking people. The spy gear mentioned in this post is just to make aware the techies of whole new range of gadget they can add to their to-buy list and also to give most of us a low-down on the kind of technology out there. Please do understand that though you may come across many of these products on the web, utilising some of these equipments is barely legal and when caught the user will be reprimanded as per the local law.

I know I got a little serious up there but time and experience has taught me that some things have to be idiot-proofed. Though I know you won’t get any wrong meanings out of it (Yes, you, you are my favourite).

Many of the products here are either illegal or too expensive or not made available for sale, so I’m not really worried about people reading and getting devilish or even criminal ideas. In short this post is more educational than it’s implemental.

With that cleared up, let’s get started!


Not all ‘spy gear’ openly marketed counts as spy gear but the upside is that these gadgets can be used easily to play pranks or well, to just look cool! And those gadgets that lie on the fine line of legal and illegal would be best suited being used for counter spying, if you ever suspect of being spied that is!

I’ve divided the spy-tech in 5 categories for ease of referral:

1. Audio Surveillance tools:

Want to catch someone confessing something? Or wanna know what someone is upto

Just tactfully slide in a recorder or a mic in the desired location and get a clear sound of the happenings and discussions. You would get some top notch audio surveillance tools, sleek recorders and communicators out there for some thousands of rupees, making sure that you won’t have to depend on a little birdie to tell you things!

 2. Video Surveillance:

Smile, you’re on candid camera! Okay, maybe not. Spy-cams, hidden cameras are available fitted in anything between a pen to a cuddly soft toy. The best use I can see of these gadgets is when I would play a prank and plant a camera in an unsuspected location. By covering the correct angles we can ensure we catch all the fun, on tape!

OR if your taste is a bit more outdoorsy, then you can make use of high distance night-and-day vision binoculars or a monocular to keep an eye out for, you know, stuff.

 3. Communication Management

  • Blocking Networks

    Afraid someone’s audio surveying you? Well block that bugger’s audio device out of there! Believe it or not, there are cell-phone jammers to cut out communication of a small radius of people around you. You may notice that when you pass through high security technologically-endowed areas, your cell-phones are out of network. Also, if you’ve worked or been inside some IT & data offices, there too in certain areas your phone wouldn’t find any reception. It’s a security measure and a pretty effective one!


  • Setting up Communication

    Work in a team? You can use walkie-talkies to transfer information through radio frequencies and keep the communication running. Though in this age of cell-phones, I don’t think it’ll be the smartest of options, but it may be one of the coolest. *Over & Out*

4. Obtaining information:

Suspect any misdeeds happening concerned to documentation or online activities?

Use keyloggers to detect passwords and browsing habits of individuals. Track online activity and transactions with the help of some premium (paid) keylogger services.


If you need to sheepishly record the contents of a hard copy document then there’s a pen-sized document scanner out there for around Rs. 5000 that can scan and save a few pages worth of information. But do note that slowly hovering on every line with the pen might appear a little suspicious.

5. Random cool-stuff:

GPS trackers; plant this little bugger on the target and be constantly aware of all his whereabouts. (Though they might notice a beeping moderately sized lump on their body.) If you are a clingy girlfriend and want to keep track of your flirty boyfriend then you can use paid online services to hack his phone and figure out who he is constantly in touch with. Not to count out all the ghost drives and roll-over keyboards, these might not make you a professional spy, but might make you look like one.


So here it was! The list of the best range of spy gear out there and their uses!

Good or bad, spy gear can be really intriguing. We all, maybe discreetly, love high-thrill spy films that involve usage of cool gadgets and tech to defeat villains and destroy evil ploys. I hope that this post helps in making you more aware of the diverse set of gadgets out there. Ciao, all!

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