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Which is the best blogging platform – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, SquareSpace?

Which is the best blogging platform – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, SquareSpace?

WordPress recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and being a WordPress fan and a WordPress user too, I was also happy like millions of other WordPress users. When we see the web technologies when WordPress started the online publishing revolution, things are changed a lot in 2013. A question that was making me think about it was , if there are any more and better blogging platforms that the rapidly improving web technologies have produced. Thought of doing a bit research but nothing significant could be found. While doing all this research, one thing that happened was I compared the top 5 blogging platforms. I have done this earlier too but the recent comparison obviously had more dimensions. Here I have a report on the things that I could take out and the comparison made in these blogging platforms.

Analysis of the positives and negatives of top blogging platforms.

WordPress is probably the biggest name in online publishing. As of July 2013 , one out of every 6 websites use WordPress. We know that WordPress is a freemium services provided on WordPress.com and an open source content management system available on WordPress.org.

WordPress.com blogs have lost some ground to Blogger(BlogSpot) if the Alexa rank is considered. The key reason of this is the limitations WordPress.com blogs have. Lifting the limitation on use of custom domain, placing advertising codes will be at premium. On the other side, Blogger is offering this everything for free. Despite this fact there are many top blogs hosted on WprdPress.com, they include popular technology blog, TechCrunch. The prime reason for this is that Blogger tends to be more useful for individual bloggers and WordPress is a better choice for professional team blogs.

WordPress.org CMS( Content Management System) is where the power of WordPress lies. With worlds largest plugin repository, WordPress CMS allows creation of a blog, magazine, e-commerce site or anything that can be found on the web.

Installing WordPress is not very difficult and the famous five minute installation of WordPress is well known but to get the best out of WordPress, one will need advance technical knowledge. To operate WordPress with stability in case it is using various plugins is not really easy. Self hosting WordPress will require spending some money toward hosting and CDN. We must also understand that WordPress is extremely popular and open source, so there are going to be security issue with it but they are addressed with an update.

A relief is that due to the popularity of WordPress, nearly all web-hosts have WordPress optimized hosting. WordPress CMS is advised for serious individual bloggers, professional publications and large organizational blogs.

Tumblr has emerged as a big competitor for the big brother WordPress and Blogger. Due to its simplicity and modern approach, Tumblr has gained serious popularity. Its Alexa rank is closely competing WordPress. However closely competition with Google powered Blogger platform is a journey for Tumblr.

One can understand the popularity of Tumblr by its Yahoo acquisition at U.S $ 1.1 billion. The other story about Tumblr is that it is more of a social media utility than a blogging platform and text oriented publications have less entertainment here.

Tumblr is recommended for casual bloggers and people doing aggressive sharing on the web.

Now some attention to premium blogging platforms and we come to know about TypePad and SquareSpaces. We know that WordPress.com offers premium solutions but the pricing is too big for many in the globe. People interested in premium blogging platforms starting with small pricing plans must have a look at TypePad andSquareSpaces.

TypePad is an old premium blogging platform which used to a popular choice for many people on the globe but lost to the competition from Blogger and WordPress. However, considering the fact that the source code of TypePad is closed source, there is no possibility of security issue. TypePad has built in analytic and dedicated applications for publishing from various devices. The themes lack innovation but TypePad is offering building and using custom themes. People wanting to use a premium blogging platform can go with TypePad but it remains a fact the TypePad looses to WordPress and Blogger by margin.

SquareSpace is a serious premium blogging platform with added e-commerce solution too. The Layout Engine technology offers a drag and drop interface for customization. SquareSpace offers one click import of blogs on hosted on WordPress and Bloggers but lacks a community of users, themes and plugins. If compared with TypePad, SquareSpace will always be better choice for pro bloggers and publications.

Section of blogging platform is the most essential aspect of online publishing and it can be the last mistake done by a publisher, if improper blogging platform is selected.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net