Winx Club Games: Attractive online games for you

Winx Club Games: Attractive online games for you

Winx Club Games are relatively new addition to the world of gaming and gained much popularity. The games are somewhat based on the first season of “Winx Club,” the animated television series premiered in 2004. A series of video games are published by Konami and can be played in Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2 or PC. The story revolves around fictitious characters from different fictitious planets (except earth though).

Winx Club consists of five girls with magical powers. Bloom (an ordinary girl from Earth having magical instincts unknown to her at first; later she finds that she actually is the princess of the fictitious planet Domino), Stella (princess of the fictitious planet Solaria), Flora (the nature lover with natural powers), Tecna (technology lover and having technology related powers) and Musa (loves music and possess musical powers). They later joined by four specialist warrior boys named Sky, Brandon, Timmy and Riven.

The Winx Club is challenged by three witches known as Trix. Their names are Icy, Darcy and Stormy. The fight thus begins and all the series is based on different actions between Winx Club and Trix. The main objective was to find the Dragon’s Flame (the power source of Bloom). In all the series the witches set up many traps to defeat Winx Club.

The battle intensified when Bloom comes back to Earth due to some misunderstanding and Trix gets successful in getting Dragon’s Flame from Bloom making her completely powerless. The main battle is fought in Domino inside the ruined old castle of Bloom’s family. Winx Club has to fight out with many monsters and the climax is set in Alfea and Bloom regenerates her power through sheer will power as she learns that Dragon’s Flame cannot be taken away from her.

Hope you people now have some idea about Winx Club and the video games are set in this scenario. The ten (10) major games are: -

  • Magical Adventure: - The latest game of the series. Enjoy the fight between Trix, Bloom and Peg.
  • Make Over Magic: – It is about running your own magical saloon where you will earn fame points and has to customize the saloon accordingly.
  • Dress Me Up Too: – This is a big challenge game where you have to utilize all your imagination and creative ability to design your own Winx.
  • Harmonix Heriones: – The battle intensified in Alfea where you have to help Winx to protect Alfea. You have the power of Harmonix and other melodies at your service.
  • Winx Club: Let Your Wings Shine: – The motto of this game is to have your wings shine.
  • My Fairy Pet: – Another lovely Winx game where you have to take care of your own Fairy Pet.
  • Do you Believix?: – Quest for finding out the real fairy in you by getting close with Winx and going on in quests.
  • Super Mini Puzzle Heroes: – If solving puzzles are what you love, then this is for you.
  • Winx Club: Dress Me Up! – Dress up your Winx Club Members with different outfits.
  • World of Winx: – The objective of this game is to help Winx Club members in retrieving Stella’s ring from the grasp of Trix. The game is set on Cloud Tower.

Hope you will enjoy Winx Club Games. This is simple and exciting games you really will love to play and spice up your leisure times.

You can play Winx Club Games here.

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