Useful Twitter tools for pro Twitter users and bloggers.

Useful Twitter tools for pro Twitter users and bloggers.

People new to the web or using internet for very basic purposes are not generally aware of the power Twitter has. Even when I started being serious with the web, I was not aware of the potential Twitter has. Though I am not a Twitter power user but I understand the Twitter utility and thus very serious about using Twitter to better possibilities.

While I am exploring various ways to make the most out of Twitter, I have come across many useful Twitter utilities on the web. The usability and the real use of Twitter by internet pro users is justified by the number of excellent Twitter utilities available on the web. Here I have few of the best Twitter utilities that exist on the web arranged in alphabetical order.




Useful Twitter tools

Bit ly - Everyone knows that Twitter allows on 140 characters and Bit.ly is worlds favorite URL shortening service that helps you add more characters to your tweet by shortening the URL that you share. Bit.ly also offers bookmarking links shared created by and tracks the clicks your links receive.

Buffer - Buffer is a utility that lets you share on many top social media sites from one place. The social media sites include Twitter and the BufferApp is used by Twitter users more that any other social site.

CoTweet(Exact Target) - Exact Target is a social media marketing company proving useful services to reach your very right audience on social media. The site offers Twitter services too.

FollowerWonk - FollowerWonk is a Twitter analytic and optimization utility.

HootSuit - HootSuit is a very popular social media management utility with Twitter support.

JustUnfollow - JustUnfollow is an excellent utility to find and unfollow users who do not follow you.

ManageFlitters - ManageFlitters is a single dashboard Twitter management utility that lets you schedule tweets, do the analytic,  unfollow non followers and much more.

Paper li - Paper Li creates newspaper style compilation of social media posts including Twitter.

Social Oomph - SocialOomph is a social media productivity utility with Twitter focus.

SocialBro - SocialBro is a Twitter optmization utility intended to be used by serious Twitter users.

Tweeepi - Tweepi offers bsic but useful Twitter managment toolset.

TweetDeck - TweetDeck is a Twitter managment application offering Google Chrome browser extension and a desktop version for Mac and Windows. The application is so popular that Twitter aquired it.

TweetingMachine - TweetingMachine is a Twitter multitasking utility that offers various features like scheduling, bulk tweet etc.

Twellow - Twellow is a directory of Twitter users maintained in various categories and lets you find Twitter users using keywords

Twilert - Twilert is a usfeul service that sends you email alerts when you or your brands are mentioned on Twitter.

TwileShare - TwleShare is also an unique service that lets you share files on Twitter.

TwitBlock - TwitBlock is a useful service that lets you block spam or junk followers on Twitter.

Twitonomy - Twitonomy is advanced Twitter analytic tool.

Twitter Counter - Twitter Counter shows you your own Twitter stats in few clicks.

TwitterFeed - TwitterFeed lets you feed a RSS or ATOM feed to Twitter and many other social media sites.

TwitterKarma - TwitterKarma is a Twitter management utility offering basic Twitter management.

Unfollowers me - Unfollowers Me is your Twitter follower-ship tacking utility.


Please note that it has been observed that many smaller sites offering various services change their pricing, plans and services very often. This data is as of 10th July 2013. We will try to change the links description of the data above but do not guarantee it.


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