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The best gadgets and gifts for men.

The best gadgets and gifts for men.

It is safe to say that it’s much easier to buy gifts for a guy than buying one for a girl. Though, guys are barely bought gifts, all their intended gift money is spent on liquor or food. Some even convince themselves to give the guy a gift of cash, only to have that guy spend it on liquor or food.

Yet, if you are one of those sweet concerned people (yes, you right there!) You would have to put little thought into buying a gift for your guy friend. And so, today, I’m going to help you make your choice a whole lot easier!

When buying gifts for men, gadgets would be your safest bet, as the old adage still holds its meaning when it says, ‘Boys love their toys’. That does not mean that this is limited to just the male population, in fact I happen to know many women who know their gadgets more than most men.

When you say ‘gadget’, ‘electrical equipment’, ‘tech-stuff’, or any other cool sounding term, what it translates to a guy is – ‘must have, should have, somehow.’ So, what are your best options to choose from when gifting gadgets?

Okay, enough with the chitter-chatter. Let’s power on:

5 cool gadget gifts for men

1. An android watch:


Android Watch


Imagine controlling your phone and its functions in a nifty James Bond style or for the Desi ones, in an SRK’s Don manner! An android watch would connect to most android smartphones, wirelessly (via Bluetooth) and can help you access the most of its multimedia and calling features while your phone simply lies in your pocket or bag!

Though Sony is the most prominent producer of android watches in the country, with its cheapest product around 8k, if you look around on the web, you just might come across a few older versions of the watch at a comparatively miniscule rate (something around Rs. 1500-2000). Yes, it might not be the latest version of that gadget, but it would still be better than any other quartz watch, don’t you think?

2. Mini speakers:

Mini Speakers



Is your friend a party-starter? Does he groove to his favourite tunes, regardless of the place or time? Get him a cool pair of compact mini hamburger-style speakers, which he could take wherever he wants and would turn his pocket mp3 player or cell-phone into a mini-music system! You’ll have to dish out somewhere between Rs. 1000-2000 to find your friend grooving to high-quality music and crystal clear sounds.

3. Tablets:


 Gizmos And Gadgets


No I’m not asking you to run a tab at your friend’s favourite bar, though that would be the best gift ever, but it’s technically not technology, and thus irrelevant here. Tabs aka Tablet PCs aren’t as expensive as they started out to be, yet they are still as cool and amusing as they were when launched! Keeping a budget between Rs. 3000-5000 would get you tabs with the latest Android versions and dual-core processers. These tabs may not be of the highest value, but they prove to be more than handy when used strictly for multimedia, gaming and social networking. And hey, they come with a year’s warranty too, so it seems like a cool investment when you think about it!

4. Digital Cameras:


Digital Cameras


In this generation of smartphones with auto-focus cameras front and back, SLRs, DSLRs and RTGSDFLRs (pardon my frustration) people seem to have forgotten about the real majesty of point and shoot digi-cams. Yet I would mention it as one of the top gift-able gadgets. I mean why not? The cameras are handy, compact, quick and efficient, and they do what they are designed to do, click quality pictures. If you’re looking in the price-frame of say, between Rs. 3500-5000, you can find reasonably cool point and shooters. When looking for one for your friend or even yourself, make sure that you go for a strong battery back-up, even if you have to let go of a couple of megapixels.

5. Funky Gizmos:



This option’s not really specific. Some people may just own every other cool gadget that’s out in the market, and some just might not be tech savvy at all (yes, such people still exist).

And keeping them aside for a minute, not everyone would be able to spend as much cash as required for the above options. Or maybe some can, but won’t just because they don’t like the friend THAT much (I can relate, really!) Keeping all these factors in mind, if you still feel gadget-gifting is the way to go, then you should opt for those exciting ‘time-pass’ gizmos that have become a very common sighting these days.

There are many USB powered gizmos available, most of them may not necessarily be of too much ‘daily-use’ to your friend, but it’s surely worth collecting! You would find stuff like mini table-fans, coffee-heaters, lamps, all powered by USB, how cool is that?

Also, if you are looking out for something functional you could always opt for stuff like portable chargers, designer pen drives, spy camera devices, among other stuff! These are possibly the most innovative gadgets you could gift your friend while staying under the price-tag of Rs. 1000!

So here we are. 5 cool gadgets gifting ideas for men (and even many women) of all ages.

If you feel that I missed out on anything cool here, do give me a shout out in the comments section. Ciao, all!



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