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How to get more likes on Facebook

I recently published about getting more followers on Twitter. Readers may like to have a look at that post about How to get followers on Twitter. Now is the time to talk a bit about Facebook. We know that Facebook has more users than Twitter but as I always said that Twitter is a totally different utility that Facebook can not match. Facebook is more of a personal activity platform to connect with people and brands around us. In this post we will be talking about getting more likes on Facebook posts.



Facebook Likes

Why one may like to have more likes?

Facebook is a platform we use to keep connected with people around us. Facebook is a free service but we can understand that what it may cost to operate a service like Facebook. Hundreds of employees, highly scalable and high latency data-centers all across the world. High performance networks, team of efficient developers and anti spamming techniques. It actually is not as easy as using Facebook. To meet the cost of doing all this Facebook has given scope for brands to advertise themselves. Brands connect us using Facebook and try to make is close to us. regular updates by Facebook pages and the likes they receive is a symbol of the brand’s popularity.

In case of a personal profile, many activities are publicly visible. Our status updates, our photos getting more likes justifies our social acceptance and popularity. It also justifies our ability to interact and keep in touch with people.


Becoming popular on Facebook and getting more likes is a skill just like we see that some people are extremely popular and socially acceptable. This will build an attitude of becoming more social which is really helpful in success.

How to get more likes on Facebook?

The Facebook likes is a natural reaction that people will offer on liking something but there are few way to compliment this and enhance the likes your posts will receive.

#Connect with more people this is the first step one can do on Facebook.

#Distribute people in various groups depending on the kind of association you have e.g. Family, Close Friends, Political connection etc.

#Makes sure that you see the post of the most closest people. In many cases people like too many pages that publish non sense stuff regularly. This makes us miss many important updates by the close ones. Always remember that people who know you will be always keen for the updates by you.

#Keep close watch on posts of others and offer valuable comment and likes to the posts of others. People like being responded and responding to the people who respect them.


Facebook shares


#Be mindful about what you post and do not just go ahead to post anything.

#Post at regular frequency, make sure that you post 5 to 6 posts a day but at some regular interval.

#Post about latest trending topics but not the topics already talked too much.

#Do not criticize people, it is one of the most negative act. People who criticize others for any reason build the negative reputation.

#Be mindful about your political views not everyone holds the same political views.

#Include multimedia and photos in posts. Photos are thousands of words so having photos is essential. Post videos very occasionally.

#Publish funny stuff. People like laughing and funny stuff.

#Regularly share quality stuff published by others. Sharing posts by other will keep your connections engaged and also motivate others to share your posts.

#Have dimensions to your posts and do not always published post related to some unique thing, topic, you profession etc.

#Chat with online connections occasionally. Chatting is getting closer to our connections.

#Make sure that you limit stuff to specific groups, not every kind of connection is going to like everything that you publish.

#Think once that what your connections will like before posting, many people post anything and people start ignoring them. Just understand that if someone like something by you, the next time that person will be more carefully watching your post.

#Do not post too personal things, they are not social acceptable.

#Ask people for opinions, replies and make interactive posts.,