How to get followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the few largest social media sites and I know you are not going to appreciate me for telling this because you are already aware of this fact. Now why I am talking about this today? OK, I am not going to keep you waiting to know this. I will be sharing few tricks that will help you get more Twitter followers. Twitter followers are considered important for many reasons. Some people might have heard of services or read some where and something like ” Buy Twitter followers” or “Get 5000 Twitter followers” etc. Now I can strictly tell you to stay away from such offers because these followers are good for nothing. Today we will be knowing about some real good methods to get Twitter followers.

Before we consider any method to get Twitter followers, we have to just understand that we are not gong to deal in numbers here but the social impact of the people who follow you.

How important in Twitter?

We will first understand that why Twitter is important. For many people Twitter is not a way to keep in touch with friends but Facebook is. Yes, Facebook is for sure a large network and bigger than Twitter but one thing is for sure that Facebook can keep you connected with the people you know but it can not offer you the exposure that Twitter can offer.

Twitter is used by professional to keep in touch with the people and information they need. Many people use Twitter as a medium to gain exposure and promote their products and services.

How to get followers on Twitter?

Now coming to the very important point and here are few tips that will help you find more Twitter followers but before you use these tips you can be rest assured that I do not have any Twitter plan that I use and so I do not have many Twitter followers but you can really have good number of followers if you do this.

Before going on your Twitter plan, makes sure that your profile is complete and you have a good photo, cover photo used in your profile. You can also optionally decorate your profile using custom background.

Service like the one linked below can help you create Twitter custom backgrounds.

Twitbacks for custom Twitter backgrounds

Now is the time to look for few people who are like you. People like you include your friends, people with similar likes, people who do things that you do etc.

People who are well known get followers easily but you will have to build Twitter followers.

Once you start finding people to Follow on Twitter you can follow them. In most of the cases these people will follow you back. When you have few followers, you can start publishing Tweets that are meaningful, have links and are relevant to the topics liked by your followers.

You can closely follow the Tweets by people you are following and retweet few good of them.

Now you have to continue doing this regularly and you can use services like Hootsuite to manage social media profile including Twitter.

Now when you are building followers you have to keep in mind that you need to unfollow people who have not followed you back because Twitter has a limit on follower-ship and at some point (i.e. 2000) you will not be able to follow people if you do not have equal or more number of followers.

Once you effectively learn this following and being followed back you can start using the hashtag (#) in your Tweets. You can look for trending topics and create tweets that have the mention of topic/s using hashtag (e.g. #kenfolios). Tweeting about trending topics will give exposure to your Tweets and your profile too.

I have come across with many people who are effectively using Twitter and following them can really help you get more exposure. Adrienne Smith of adriennesmith.net is a good example. Harleena Singh of aha-now.com is also a very good example.


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I am Suhas Naik, founder of KenFolios I am a web master and social entrepreneur.

11 thoughts on “How to get followers on Twitter

  1. Hi Suhas,

    Thanks for the mention, I so appreciate that.

    I know that when I first got on Twitter I did it all wrong. I probably wiped my account out twice before I started building it up correctly.

    Most people are going for the numbers and although that’s important you really want to connect here as well with people who want to read what you have to share. So for instance if your niche is about losing weight and you’re connecting with everyone you come across, the majority of those people aren’t going to be interested in what you share so everyone needs to stay within their niche as much as possible. Sharing something occasionally that has nothing to do with it is fine.

    Twitter is one of the most powerful traffic sources today so I do hope that everyone will build their following and reap the rewards.

    Thanks again for the mention and good luck everyone!


    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us. As I have already mentioned in post that bloggers can learn a lot about using twitter from you. I also agree that the people who follow you is important that the number itself.

    • Thanks for considering this article better than the one you could have created but it is all about the approach toward handling a topic that makes the article better. Thanks for sharing your views.

  2. Hi Kumar,

    Glad I could make it here as I’m currently travelling on vacation and to a place where the Internet connectivity is very poor :)

    I agree with all that you wrote, and if you use social medias like Facebook and Twitter effectively – you can achieve a great deal. I really don’t follow people because I honestly don’t have the time nor rush to do so. Instead, those who like what I share follow me, – I’m sure to check their profiles and follow back if it’s not a spammy one. I guess if people follow you first, it’s more of a surety that they will remain your followers because they like you for what you share and your work, rather than following many people who unfollow you as soon as they follow you too.

    Thanks so much for the kind mention, and yes, I do love using meaningful hashtags as I think they help increase your reach. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Thanks Harleena for your valuable comment here. While observing various other bloggers I could realize that you are the one who do care more for readers and build a good relationship with them. So I just thought our readers can learn a lot for you.

  3. Great article !

    But i dont agree with this :

    Twitter is used by professional to keep in touch with the people and information they need.

    It is used by for both personal and professional purposes. Few things – should not tweet too much and spam others timelines, it may run risk of being ‘unfollowed’