Increasing reader engagement and traffic to your blog

I have a blog and I am writing at that blog but have I ever realized my blogging goals ? Blogging goals is not the topic of discussion today for us but whatever I understand and whatever be the goal of blogging for any individual, readers and exposure is what can be the most common need. We may never find a blogger who will say that, ” I do not want visitors or readers “. Yes, you have guessed it right and the topic of discussion today is increasing reader engagement. Oh.. I think I forgot that my post has a title that has already clarified it, anyway let us proceed.

Reader engagement ! Billions of internet users and millions of blogs. If we say that we have 500 million/ half a billion users who  either search internet for information or are active internet readers who follow some topics and blogs. If we have 1 million active bloggers and every active internet user is visiting 5 pages a day, the number of ravage page-views for a blog will be 25000. Sounds great ? Yes ? wait ! Up to the tune of 90%, the page views will be from search engines and this is a cause why search engine dominate the web. Though the so called average be 25000 page-views for active bloggers but not every active blogger is achieving this. Impressing search engine sis a long term process that is proven to be impossible for a larger percentage of people who blog.

Now if the calculations here are difficult to understand because I am very bad at explaining calculations but I can only say that if  90% of page-views to a blog is from search engines, the only 10% can be the initial target and that can be achieved by reader engagement. Now we will be talking about various aspects of reader engagement here.

Search engines for a blog

Before we proceed for reader engagement, let us have a look at the approach of search engines toward blogs. Basically, a blog is the most suited way to attract search engines but not every blog is given the same importance and it to build the reputation that search engines will prioritize. For small individual blogger it requires a lot of time. Many quality articles,Keyword research, social sharing, thousands of back-links, thousands of comments and readership, high performing pages, is what the basic of ranking high is search results. For a full time blogger it can take 1 to 2 years and that too will depend on the skill-set of the blogger. Millions of bloggers do exist on the web but the famous will be actually below 1k only.

Readers engagement and attracting those 10% internet users who are actual bloggers or readers is the key to success and we  are going to talk this right here.


Pre search engine exposure traffic building

Pre search engine exposure traffic building is essential as we have discussed it earlier in this post. The readers and exposure that we build before the search engines actually start respecting us is permanent kind of traffic. It depend on us that how we build this traffic. Engaging readers and making them visit your blog regularly is what we can aim at.

Reader engagement for your blog

The path to building reader engagement can roughly have the three aspects mentioned below.

Work out the reasons why people will visit your blog

We need some reason why people will visit our blogs. It can be to read about some important or interesting topic that we write very good about, because we visit their blog, because we comment their on their posts, because we offer free gifts etc. and anything that can make people visit a blog. We can not have many reasons but two to three good reason can do the trick and it must include that you are publishing quality content.

Define targets

Definition of target is really essential, it can be 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000 also. I do not think that an individual can make more than this visitors without publishing something very unique and most wanted. However any of the above target will not be bad. Though this readership can not earn good money but it can set the basic of a blog. If a blog is receiving 500 visitors because the blogger or author has built that readership. It is more likely that they will share the post, back link the post and help the blog get up to 5x more exposure. If the readers of your blog have high impact the scale of multiplication will also be high.

Set up strategy

Now when the target is clear. It is time to set up strategy. The actual strategy will include the causes of people visiting your blog and the mediums of exposure that we have defined. The remaining part of this post has information about the mediums and using those mediums properly.


Commenting and interaction for building readership

The best suited way to follow some quality blogs and offer meaningful comments on those blogs. Meaningful comments will make the post author feel good and return back to offer a comment. Just understand that it is give and take, so if one offers comment for just a visit back, it will not be productive. It is like the way deal with people and people realize the cause of the association. This post is not focused on commenting but a post linked below will be helpful on this topic.

Blog Commenting – Why, how to and where!


Use of blogger communities

Blogger communities are a great way to find bloggers together. Many blogger communities have options to share a post. Sharing a post on blogger communities can help you gain the initial exposure. Members who will find your post will generally be the people who are active bloggers and internet users, so the chances of them sharing your posts are high.


Use of social media sites for reader engagement and audience building

Social media sites are a one stop solution for getting exposure and many other benefits. We will be talking about few social media sites and the way they can be used. fore getting exposure, reader engagement and building readership. The sites will be explained in the order of their usability.

Twitter for bloggers

Twitter is probably the most useful site for bloggers. Twitter is a famous micro blogging platform which is generally used for professional purposes. Many famous bloggers use their Twitter handle to interact with their followers and even build followers. Finding people who may like your content, offers content that you like and people who actively use Twitter is a great thing. You may find bloggers who have 5k to 10k Twitter real followers and just imagine that if they Tweet you post, what will be the volume and quality of the exposure that you may get. However this will not be easy because many people will be expecting the same from them. Regular visit to their blog, commenting and sharing their content can build a good relationship with them and when you really publish a quality post they will be happy to Tweet it. Twitter is by far the best tool for blogger is used properly.

Google Plus for bloggers

Many people on the web used to say that if you do not want exposure, share on Google Plus but Google is not the company to stay behind and they have made Google plus important. The best things about Google plus is that it is by the search engine giant and exposure on Google plus will actually mean that it will help in SEO and Author rank.

Also read this - Achieving a better Author Rank – tips and tricks.

Trending topics can help you a lot and the basics of social sharing on Google are really great .

Facebook for bloggers

Facebook is a personal social network but also widely used for non personal sharing but creation of pages and individual profile. A best way to use Facebook is to tell all your friends and family members of Facebook that you occasionally share interesting posts and they can read, comment, like and share them on Facebook. This is the exposure of right for you.

Facebook pages are used to build likes and share stuff. You can make sure that you reply to comment on Facebook pages.

Other ways to use Facebook is by joining Facebook groups about the topics of interest. Just understand that a share in a group will be notified immediately and will receive great exposure.

Linked In for bloggers

LinkedIn is a professional network and bloggers can set up a page of their blog on LinkedIn, apart from that they can associate with people from the industry that they are writing about and share stories with them. This is a way to get professional kind of exposure.

Pinterest for bloggers

Pinterest is a photo, media sharing site. If you have quality media on your blog. You can offer them to be pinned of Pinterest. You can also make sure that you organize your content in proper groups so that users can find them properly and visit your pages using the links associated with photos.


Social networks like  StumbleUpon, Reditt can also be used properly to gain exposure.

So this is what we have about reader engagement and building readership. Do offer valuable comments and replies if this is engaging too.


Image courtesy of fotographic1980 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net