NQ Mobile Easy Finder: A must have application for Android phones

NQ Mobile Easy Finder: A must have application for Android phones

Mobile phones are part and parcel of our daily life and we often treat as one of our prized possession. We just cannot live without it and apart from a communicating device it also carries some important and essential information related to our personal life. So the safety of this device cannot be neglected at any cost. Moreover, the handsets we use today are not necessarily being cheap, making it more vulnerable. In this context we will discuss on a useful application to protect our phone from theft or misplaced cases. With NQ Mobile Easy Finder (NQEF) you can track and find your phone easily thus protecting your phone and valuable private information stored in it.

NQ Mobile Easy Finder can automatically track and locate the phone, then takes a photograph of the thief or carrier, back up the data and contact and wipes out the data. These are done sequentially when someone attempts to unlock the phone or try to retrieve any personal information from your phone. Even more the application allows you to control the phone remotely using internet (find.nq.com) or preset phone number. With NQ Mobile Easy Finder installed in your phone, your phone data will always be safe.

Let us discuss some hypothetical situations when you lose your phone. There are two possibilities, either it is stolen or you just misplaced it. In both cases let us check what the application will do.

  • The application will let you track the phone once several failed attempts were carried out by generating a map for you and capturing a photograph of the person using it (if front camera is available). The phone must be connected through WiFi/data/Cell tower
  • Remotely backup the contacts which can be retrieved later via online (the premium version also allows you better routing to track the phone and wipes out your data after taking the backup).
  • Whenever a new SIM is inserted in the phone an alert system lets you know the new SIM number through SMS on the preset reporting number.
  • In case if you simply misplaced the phone and no one finds it, you can manually activate the track feature online (find.nq.com).
  • You can trigger a loud alarm even if the phone was in silent mode.
  • Send missing message to the lost phone and the message will be displayed even if the phone is locked.
  • Finally you can lock the phone with a new password after the phone is lost which will act as a secondary protection to your phone.

The best thing about this application is that with so much value, it is still free and all you have to do is go to Google play and download the application for free and enjoy a peaceful mind with no fear of losing the phone and its data. You can check out the following blog for more information.


The NQ Mobile Easy Finder is no doubt a perfect free solution to protect your mobile phone and its data from theft and misplaced cases. The NQ Mobile Easy Finder is too good an application to let it go without giving a try. It is highly recommended by users with user ratings of 4.2/5, with a few minor issues of phone crashing. The current version is (updated June 7th, 2013) and needs Android 2.2 and up for operation. The size of the application is only 2.4M and downloaded over 500,000 times clearly indicating its popularity and effectiveness. Why not give a try?


Find NQ Mobile Easy Finder for Android phones on Google Play


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