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Blog Commenting – Why, how to and where!

Blog Commenting – Why, how to and where!

The biggest difference the blogging arena has had since what things were in early blogging days at about year 2001 to 2004 is the competition. It was easy for a blogger to get exposure at that time but we can understand that there were other difficulties that a blogger might have had in that time. Such difficulties include early technology, lack of learning resources etc. Though competition has increased a lot in year 2013 but a fact is that the number of people using internet has also grown up, so we have more people listening. Due to the high competition strategy and quality has gained importance and also building readership is important. We have social media sites to reach hundred and thousands of audience, we have many other ways to build readership but all this will require a professionally planned strategy and high skills.

One of the very early methods of building blog readership is blog commenting. It is one of the most trusted and easiest way to get attention of people on the web. In this article we will be learning about blog commenting, using blog commenting to gain exposure, why to comment, how to comment and where to comment.


Blog commenting has been the most early and most trusted methods of getting people at you blog. In recent times the importance of blog commenting has reduced but it is not all that bad trick of getting early exposure. However in today’s time we must see to it that we keep it a part of promotional strategy and not the entire promotional strategy.


Before we proceed to talk further about blog commenting, let us just have a look at some pros and cons of blog commenting.

Pros of blog commenting and why to comment on other blogs

  • Blog commenting is most economical and easy way to get attention.
  • It builds mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers.
  • It keeps you away from isolation in blogosphere.
  • Blog commenting gives the early exposure and build content in form of comments.
  • In return of a blog comment you may get a blogger visiting your blog and thus the scope of page-views, engagement is more.
  • It is a great possibility that interactions will lead to learning.
  • Blog commenting will keep you connected with the latest news.
  • Blog commenting is the best early practice for small publishers and bloggers.
  • Blog commenting will lead to more comments, sharing and social promotion of your blog posts.
  • Blog commenting will help improve stats like Alexa rank because bloggers generally use Alexa toolbar.
  • Blog commenting will increase interactions and give the primary uplift to a blog.
  • Blog commenting will help search engine optimization by assisting in building back-links. These days nearly all blogs are no-follow so commenting does not give back-links directly but can enhance exposure and scope of back-links.
  • Blog commenting is the easiest way to get attention in early days when search engine sod  not offer much respect to your blog.


Cons of blog commenting.

  • Blog commenting requires a lot of time.
  • One has to go through the entire article to give  a proper comment and it is difficult when it comes to larger posts.
  • Famous blogger generally do not comment back.
  • Blog commenting is not a way to build back-links.
  • Selecting proper blog for commenting is difficult for new bloggers.
  • It takes time before other bloggers tart commenting on your blog.
  • Traffic by blog commenting is generally of bloggers and is difficult to monetize.
  • Many bloggers do not like realistic comments, they just want appreciation and it just becomes a formality to appreciate a blog post.
  • Many time we come across bloggers who write meaningless comments or just one liners like “great post”, “excellent work” etc.
  • Controlling spam comments is additional responsibility and also a threat that the links point to sites that are observed as spam sites by search engines and search engines may believe that we recommend them.


Blog commenting has many pros and cons but it is worth including in the promotional strategy with due precaution and expertise. A proper blog commenting strategy can take a blog to new heights in  a shot span of time. It is a gift for new blogs who do not get attention of search engines easily.

Now when we have talked a bit about pros and cons of blog commenting, now is the time to proceed to the tips, tricks and how to do blog commenting.

How to do blog commenting

  • Blog commenting is a part of your promotional strategy and it has to be carefully planned.
  • I recommend that you select a number of blogs like 50 to 100 and look for quality blog, in the remaining part of this article we will be talking about where to comment.
  • Once a number is selected you have to decide the time you can give to blog commenting.
  • SEO is not easy and blog commenting is one of the best ways to get early attention, however it is not the complete SEO strategy. For blog looking to make money by increasing traffic, blog commenting can be a minor part of SEO strategy.
  • Blog commenting can not take you to to biggest and largest league and you must understand it.
  • Make sure that you read the post completely before posting a comment and avoid embarrassing situations, this has also happened with me too.
  • Offer valuable comments that will give respect to the post, it author and to yourself too.
  • Do never put comments like “nice article”, “great post”, “great article” etc. Such comments are annoying to author.
  • Do not also offer to lengthy comments.
  • Do not post links unless it is required or felicitates the comment.
  • Do not give to much to to commenting and maintain a balance between commenting, posting and web-mastering.
  • Keep commenting part of interactions and social audience building and SEO part of web-mastering. This will make sure that you get time for SEO too. White hat SEO is crucial these days.
  • Do never count the number of comments made by you, the number means nothing but the result and value means everything.
  • Use links to your latest post if you have team blog or accept guest posts.
  • Have Gravatar profiles that are supported by many commenting systems.
  • When you comment, do also connect with the author on social site and  share their post if worth sharing.
  • Use service like Hootsuite etc. to monitor social media networks and keep in touch with followers.
  • Do also reply to comment on social media sites.
  • Social media optimization is important and make sure that you achieve it by your interactions while commenting. Focus on various aspects of a blog like Facebook Likes, Shares, Comments, Twitter Tweets, Google +1s, Alexa reviews etc.
  • While interacting, try and be natural and promote your readership, feed or email subscription.
  • Just keep in mind that commenting can not be mechanical and we have to the way we are while talking with people offline. A comment is a reply and it has to be the way we would have done it offline.
  • Try to build relation ship with author and maintain contact of the authors of blogs that you comment on. The contacts include their blog URLs, social profile, email addresses, IMs etc.
  • If you have technology or how to blog, you can maintain a discussion forum too but keep in mind that a discussion forum requires professional maintenance and web-mastering.
  • Do send cards, birthday wishes, festive greetings to your readers and blogosphere community.
  • Building dedicated Twitter follower-ship is also essential, make sure that Twitter can make a quality post go viral.
  • Learn the use of emotions, short-codes, signs like @ and # etc in comments.
  • Be realistic and offer comment with the intention of replying and not commenting.
  • Avoid grammatical errors by typing comments in an external HTML editor or enabling browser grammar and word correction.
  • Do not offer a comment in for of reply if you do not understand a post, rather be interrogative and straightaway ask for elaboration.

If this was not too much we must proceed to know about some tips as to on what blogs we must comment.

Where to do blog commenting.

While selecting blog that we can comment on following things can be taken care of.

  • Make sure that the author publishes quality article worth reading.
  • Make sure that the author replies to your comments.
  • See to it that the author visits back to your blog and also offers an comment. The best way to find such bloggers is to visit the blogs of bloggers offering valuable comments on other blogs. A valuable comment means that the blogger understands commenting and if the blogger has good comments on their own blogs, it means that the blogger in interactive.
  • You can also follow and offer comments on the blogs of known bloggers who will rarely comment on your blog but will surely give to knowledge and visitors from their blog. Large blogs have large traffic and their posts are seen by thousands of visitors, readers. A quality comment can get you 50 to 100 visitors, to you blog too.
  • Balance they types of blogs you comment on in categories like, the bloggers you know personally or very well, the bloggers who regularly comment on your own blog, the bloggers who publish high quality content, the bloggers who have large traffic. large publication which publish about you favorite topic and have large traffic.
  • There are very few blogs that offer back-links, Commentluv is a plugin that allows site administrator to offer a back-link to your post. Though this method gives you a backlink but understand that these links are not natural so you do not know how search engines will see them. I do not at all mean that search engines will penalize these links but I am not sure about the value they carry. The link will disappear on the plugin being deactivated and not all Commentluv blogs offer do-follow back-links. Some blog only keep the plugin enabled to get comment and blogger not aware with the ways to check a do-follow and no-follow back-link will always comment on such blogs.
  • Backlink can not be the goal in blog commenting but exposure, readership and social engagement is. This can make your post popular and many let people share them on social media and also refer in their post. This will gain backlinks and social signal for you.

Featured image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About Suhas Naik

I am Suhas Naik, founder of KenFolios I am a web master and social entrepreneur.

18 thoughts on “Blog Commenting – Why, how to and where!

  1. Thanks for the Master Piece Suhas,

    Now if i say great post you won’t say meaningless comment na. You mentioned if we say great post nice post means meaningless so i changed it to master piece its ok na! ;)

    You said take 50 to 100 quality blogs do you have a list like that with you?

    As you said commentluv is bit dangerous as if one uninstalls that plugin all the backlinks it produced will vanish but still we have a chance to get some traffic until that plugin works. As if a blog gets PR 5 they simply install disqus so until they reach PR 5 or 7 we can safely use commentluv plugin.

    I think you don’t like commentluv so that’s the reason you dont use it in your blog. But dont worry if your blog post is worthy enough there is no need for such plugins you will get comment for sure.

    Thanks for the article Suhas…

    • Hi Vijesh,Thanks for your regular interest in kenFolios.
      A great post or a master piece, whatever you say will be OK considering your valuable comments here.
      I do have a list of few blogs that I regularly visit. About CommentLuv I actually do not say it is dangerous but I personally do not consider comments a way to build backlinks.
      I do not think that installing Disquss or LiveFure has anything to do with PageRank and CommentLuv a limit of usage depending on PageRank. In-fact for a blog to reach PR6 is itself very difficult.
      I do like CommentLuv but I do not use it because I am very cautious about adding elements to my blog. Conecerned about the page size HTTP request etc. CommentLuv is not a way to get more comments for me and I do comment on blog that do not have this plugin or have it but links are Nofollow.

  2. Very informative article. Although I started commenting because I liked to build relationships with bloggers, I can see how it was beneficial to my blog as well.
    Thanks for the insightful post, it throws a lot of light on commenting. In the same note, I’d like to add that this etiquette should be followed by authors replying to comments on their blog too. Like you said, a mechanical reply to your comment is a big turn off.

  3. Suhas , what I understood in a nutshell is ..select quality blogs and few big blogs,post quality comment to attract the author and his/her visitors and when they visit you should find your posts equally good to become your reader too !
    I think as you mentioned blog commenting is just a part of strategy for bloggers looking for huge traffic !!
    One who visits 500 sites and leaves quality comments and gets equal number of
    quality traffic and comments back has to spend entire day and two maintaining the big quality family he has created . So I think your number of 100 is the maximum quality blog , a blogger should interact with.

    • Hi MySay,
      Here again I can say that number is just an example and it is all about the relationship you build with other bloggers. It is very similar to what we do offline with people around us. Blog commenting is a strategy and a way to learn about new things, the more quality blogs we may follow the more knowledge we may get. Thanks a lot for your valuable comment here.

  4. Madhu Bhardwaj (@madconnection)

    Thanks for the detailed do and do not do of commenting. i agree with you on most of these. The first list has some repetitions in different bullet points. Was it just to reinforce the general learning points?

  5. Hi Kumar,

    This is surely a wonderful guide about blog commenting as you literally covered up all there is to it :)

    Yes indeed, commenting has it’s own pros and cons, but I think comments really work wonders provided you are able to reciprocate and visit other blogs in your own time. Leaving valuable and meaningful comments is the key, instead of the few liners or few worded comments that really have no meaning.

    Yes, it does take time, but then aren’t you learning something new each time you read and visit each others blogs? I think that’s what’s so beautiful about blog commenting and the Blogosphere.

    I think blog commenting rocks! I vouch for it and I think it’s worked wonders for my blog. Yes, if your content is good and so is your reach, in the social medias and at other bloggers blogs, there is NO question that you won’t get the required number of comments at your blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hi Harleena, I know that a blogger like you will always find more pros in commenting. I agree with your opinion. In this post I attempted to reach facts rather elaboration on what I personally believe. Meaningful comment work very fine and I always like your very explained comments. Thanks for adding value to this post.

  6. This is what called as an epic post,everything was well explained about blog commenting,only thing i would like to suggest is to breakdown posts like this to parts and publish it in a series of blog commenting guide or something like that;took a lot of time to skim through the post(too long)anyhow the post is valuable for everyone in blogging medium.

    • Thanks for liking the post and also your suggestion regarding the length of the post. I understand that this post is very long but I can also say that while I was writing this, I could not stop myself from going to the actual depths of this topic though it was time consuming. Usually I do not write such long posts.

  7. Hi Suhas,
    This is an extensive post on blog commenting and I liked it. Though I do not agree on some of the points here. Like, it is not true that famous bloggers do not comment back. It might seem a bit obvious that they do not need to comment on blogs since they are already getting enough traffic to their blogs or websites.