Making six figure income in India from just blogging

Making six figure income in India from just blogging

People who regularly visit this blog know that I have been writing about technology, SEO, web-mastering, blogging tips etc. My goal for selecting this topic was that I could write about these topic out of my own interest and knowledge but later I realized that these topics are mostly written about due to their monetization scope. In the last two years I have seen extraordinary growth in the numbers of bloggers in India. I can understand that many of them have started blogging to create a part time or full time income. Inspired by the success stories of Indian bloggers who are making decent money by just writing, bloggers are now trying to put all possible efforts to make sure that they can repeat the same success.

Now this post is all about making six figure income in India. Though the six figure income is meant for India but we also have many international blogger who make six figure income obviously in U.S. dollars. However for Indians, six figure in Indian currency is also not bad to set as a goal. Achieving this goal is certainly not easy but proper knowledge of blogging basics can take you there. Just like any other activity, blogging to is challenging but it goes on becoming easy as you go. In this post I will be sharing my ideas on making six figure income but before I do so, let us just know bit about Indian blogging scenario.

Blogging scenario in India.

Unlike United States, Canada and U.K, blogging became popular in India bit late. We have very few bloggers who started blogging from 2002 to 2007, most of them are very successful if they are still doing it. This period was when very few people could have afforded an internet connection and most of internet was at cyber cafes. Later communication and internet too became cheap and fast too.

I remember that the broadband connections started becoming popular after 2007 and lead to growth in use of internet. Facebook has added a reason for people to use web. Internet users mostly the youth in India started creating blogs on platforms like Blogger and WordPress. The bloggers who started blogging in the period from 2008 to 2010 are really doing good these days. Let me clarify that it is not about time but consistency.

India is a nation with less salary packages and more work. A six figure job is really difficult here and not everyone is going to find it but everyone needs it. Blogging is open for all opportunity that can take you to six figure income. Now it is to be understood without explaining that it is not easy and many bloggers fail to do that. The key reason of bloggers failing is lack of knowledge. I hope that this post can make things clear for new bloggers.

Making six figure income from blogging

Now we are at the real interesting part of this post but before we go further I can give you one important suggestion is that though blogging is all about learning but if you want to make it quickly, you have to be within limits, stop experimenting and  give consistent time to the basic that you learn. One of my very bad habit is learning and experimenting, though this has made me learn a lot but still a lot of time is required for all this. Following a successful person is the best way to achieve success and once you have it, you are free to experiment.

There can be many ways to explain or to learn the basics of blogging which can take you to six figure. I find the below model the most easy to understand.

Lets us divide blogging in to three core aspects,

  1. Technical setup
  2. Audience building
  3. Engagement and monetization

Now let us go and learn more about these aspects.

Technical setup

A person does not need to be a web-master or SEO expert to be successful blogger but I have personally seen that successful bloggers generally have good knowledge of technical aspects and SEO. This is because they have learnt for their experience. You can start with the very basic knowledge and later expand it but be cautious that you are within the limits and stick to basics.

Using Blogger can be easy that WordPress and it will be free of cost too. Blogger is hosted on better servers that have 99.99% up-time. For advanced blogging WordPress will be better ant day but I recommend starting with Blogger and also can tell you that you can reach six figure on Blogger too.

Best blogging platforms for 2013

Other technical aspects include creation of Facebook page, Twitter handle, Google + page and account, Social media integration. We can further distribute the technical setup in  three sub categories.

  1. Blogging platform
  2. Social media integration
  3. Use of supplementary services like Analytic, Web-Master tools, Facebook insights and many such other as required.

In the three aspects mentioned right above the first two are really important and one has to be selective with the third aspect and make sure that not much time is wasted in using various services, analytic etc.

Technical setup must include the SEO optimization of template but because this can be a very broad topic we will have to cut down on it. I recommend that new bloggers do bit of research for it. SEO optimization of templates include clean code, better performing theme or templates, proper use on meta data and header tags etc. In many cases a professional template is SEO optimized. Bloggers can spend few bucks to get a pro one.

Social media integration is essential because it is all about exposure and social media has all the power to give you exposure. Proper use of social media is absolutely essential.

Supplementary services are many and may steal your time. Initially stick to basics and use Google Analytics, Bing Web-Master Center, Google Web-Master Tools, Facebook Insights, Alexa etc.

I also recommend maintaining a do to list of technical task related to blogging and looking at the list in extra time.

Audience building

Now when it come to make money from exposure, it is all about getting exposure and attention. Content is the key here. You have to select a niche or we can call it a topic to write about. Just to remind you that you are writing to earn and must have a topic with popular demand. Blogs on technology, travel, news etc can have better exposure.

 Understanding better blog topics and post topics in 2013

You will need very large audience to make money and you can either build natural audience by selecting a very popular topic and building audience individually or by planning to get visitors from search engines.

The scope of building audience individually and making big money is very less, so many people will prefer writing content that can get visitors from search engines. On the other side we can say that if people are searching for something on search engine, it is popular and can have natural audience.

Selecting topics for global audience and most specifically for U.S, U.K, Canadian, Australian audience will give you better scope of making money as the CPC or CPM will be high in these areas.

Bloggers can learn doing keyword research to identify topics that are popular.

Tips for doing keyword research before composing blog posts

The Value of Keyword Research for Blogging

While bloggers try to achieve large audience, building the primary audience by blog commenting and joining blogger communities can be a good way to gain initial exposure.

In case of a blogger is relying on search engines to send visitors, SEO is to be carefully studied and learnt

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Engagement and monetization

Now when a blogger reaches a level where they have 100 to 500 visitors a day, it is time to engage audience by making them like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, by subscribing to feed or newsletters etc.

Page views are to be increased too because getting one visitor is not in you control but making a visitor to stay on you site is in your control. A simple calculation is that if you have to make Rupees One Lac a month, you have toapproximately Rupees 3500 a day and that is approximately U.S. $ 70 as of May 2013. If you get a CPM ( cost per mile/income per 1000 page-views   of U.S. $ 3, you have to make sure that you get 20k to 25k page-views a day. Now it is up to you that how you increase pages per visit. Site performance will play crucial role in this case.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter have extremely high potential of getting visitors, we can capitalize on them by planning a good social media strategy.

Selecting and using ad networks properly and using multiple ad networks that go good with each other is essential. Google AdSense is a must to make money for small publishers.

Now if you are going to ask me what time will this need, the time can be from 1 to 2 years but in current scenario with many resources available it can be significantly reduced.