Jiffy – Time Tracker for Android Phones

We are concentrating on several useful free applications for Android mobile phones and tablets and one which recently getting much attention is Jiffy. It is a time tracking tool and in modern-day fast spaced life this kind of tool is gaining tremendous popularity. It is really a great tool for people who need to track their time efficiently.
Jiffy is a very simple application designed to keep track of your time effectively. Users do not need to create any account to run Jiffy. It is a simple to use after downloading with time tracking, management and recording utility.
Jiffy is designed for every professional. It can track time and give a summary by client, project, day or even weekly basis.
It is equipped with simple start and stop feature like a stopwatch. The Jiffy interface offers:

  • Quick and easy setting for new tasks/projects/client with color code for easy navigation and calendar like user-friendly interface with entry and editing capability.
  • Customer or project wise customized reports with the ability of exporting to use in another application.
  • Overview of time tracking week wise in cool dashboard.
  • Manual control

Jiffy is no doubt a simple yet powerful application for time management. It is a free application and can be downloaded from Google play (1.2M in size). The current version is 1.1.3, last updated on May 13, 2013. But you will need Android 4.0 and up to enjoy this application (it is a professional application). It is highly recommended by the users (user rating 4.5/5). User responses are great and with so many facilities in one simple application (that’s also free) one must give a try at least. Overall Jiffy is a very good and useful application for every professional.

Find Jiffy – time tracker Android Application on Google Play

Featured image courtesy of nirots / FreeDigitalPhotos.net