Competitor analysis -parameters for competitor website research

Competitor analysis -parameters for competitor website research

Maintaining a website or blog is always learning. The best way to learn on internet is to study other successful websites. We can learn a lot from such successful websites and blogs that how and why there are successful. Professional scale of research can be achieved by most specifically researching about a competitor or a popular website in the same category of your website or blog. Doing competitor research is not only observing the content or service but there are many advanced parameters that a competitor website has to be analyzed for. In this article we will be having a look at the most advanced competitor analysis -parameters. Proper competitor study will help you in understanding the changes and improvements to be made for making your blogs and websites better.

Bloggers and webmasters must have the habit of checking the websites they visit on various aspects and evaluatethe results to find out the steps they need to take to make their sites a success.


Competitor analysis -parameters for researching websites.

Below are the aspects that every blogger and webmaster must see while visiting other websites and blogs. It is not possible for us to conduct a detailed research on every website that we visit and for the ease of use we are going to understand all the aspects in two different categories . The first category will talk about the most common aspects that we must see for every website we visit and the second category has advanced aspect that we must check for detailed research on a website.

In most of the cases for the ease of understanding, bloggers and webmaster can use various toolbar on their browsers for on the go analysis of websites they visit and for advanced research other web based tools can be separately used. While you do this I recommend that you must use very few tool-bars or browser extension for this purpose because using too many browser extensions can impact the browsing experience by decreasing the speed of webpage rendering.

Most common aspects for on the website research

  • Alexa Rank – Alexa rank is the most common aspect that you can research while you visit other sites. Alexa is the most famous website ranking system used globally.

Learn more about Alexa Rank here.

The Alexa rank will give you a feeling of how the website is performing . A better Alexa rank means that the website is popular and receives more visitors as well as has more page-views. A better Alexa rank also means that the website has more visitors from advanced internet geographical regions like U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia, India etc. The reason for this observation is that Alexa rank depends on the data collected by Alexa toolbar and Alexa toolbar is mostly used in nations where usage of internet is more.

  • Google PageRank - We all know about Google PageRank . Readers can find more information aboutPageRank on the post mentioned below.

Understanding Google PageRank in recent time.

PageRank is one of the most important aspects in SEO and websites having better PageRank generally rank higher. A good PageRank can be PR 4, PR 5 or more. A good PageRank means that the website is very old and has gained backlinks for over a period or the website is too popular that other pages link to it or that the webmaster has done a lot of efforts to get a better PageRank.

If you find that a website has better PageRank that is 4 or more but it is a simple blog maintained by individuals, you must check in details for the cause of better PageRank. You can see the website age, indexed pages, social impact and SEMrush rank. Tips on inspecting these factors are provided ahead in this post.

You can also use backlink tools to find the backinks to a website. There are many backlink tools but few are mentioned below.

Backlink Watch

I-web Tools

Open Site Explorer

Alexa Backlink Counter

While all the tools are used , please understand that these tool may display varying results and you will have to analyze on your own.

  • Website Age – the age of a website can be checked using the internet archive. The age of domain does not define the age of website and thus internet archive is handy. Internet archive is a service that indexes webpages and stores them for later viewing in its original form. The date of first webpage indexed can be considered as the internet archive age. Though the date of first page indexed on internet archive may depend on various aspects and may not be accurate but it is worth having a look at.

Wayback Machine Internet Archive

  • Indexed Pages – In many cases the number of indexed pages by search engines can have impact of search engine ranking. Higher number of indexed pages can provide scope for a website to appear for more search queries. However this is not applicable in all cases. Some site may have higher number of indexed pages because taxonomy ( Tags, Categories etc.) and such pages are not worth. Search results pages must be set “noindex” but many webmaster forget to dot this making them indexed resulting in higher number of indexed pages. The index of Google and Bing/Yahoo/MSN can be checked for number of indexed pages.

It is observed that Google indexes pages quickly and Bing/Yahoo/MSN index pages slowly thus new sites aging 12 moths or below may have less indexed pages in Bing/Yahoo/MSN.

The tool to do this is shared below.

  • Social Impact – The social impact of a website can be checked using the Google +1s received, Facebook Shares, Likes, Recommendations received, Twitter Tweets received and shares received on social networks like Stumble Upon, Linked In etc.
  • SEMRush rank - SEMrush is a unique service that ranks websites based on their search engine performance. It is basically a SEO service. A better SEMrush rank means that the website is ranking higher for more and high value keywords. High value keywords are the keywords with higher search volume. A better SEMrushrank justifies that the site is receiving more traffic from search results.
  • Social engagement – Social engagement of a website can easily be researched using the number of feed readers, Facebook page followers, Twitter followers, Google plus circles etc.


Advanced aspects of website research

In the earlier topic we talked about the common ongoing research done on a website but more complex research can also be done to find out the strengths of a website. Below are few aspects that can beconsidered to conduct advanced research on websites.

  • SEMrush keyword performance - The performance of a website is search results matters a lot because the organic visits from search engines are free and can make a website popular. SEMrush keyword research is apartially free service to conduct research on keywords performance of a website in various geographical areas and on various search networks.
  • Website performance - performance of a website is important these days. You can use online tools to inspectthe performance of a website. below are few recommended tools.


Pingdom Tools

  • Mobile website – The mobile version of a website can be checked to find out whether a site uses a sepratemobile site or has responsive design. Below are tools that can help.

Firefox responsive design view - Since Firefox 15 responsive design view tool has been added to developer section for Firefox. This tool show the website in various screen sizes but in many cases may not be able to show the mobile website.

Opera Mobile Emulator - One of the best desktop mobile emulator for Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Web Host – Web host can play significant role is performance and security. Who Is Hosting This is a service that can be used to look for a web-host of a website.
  • There are many complex technologies like the web server, CMS, Framework, JavaScript libraries, Analytic services, CDN(Content delivery networks), Advertising networks that you can do research on. There are ways to do research on each of these aspects individually. However I recommend using BuiltWith browser extension to find out all these aspects on the go.