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Alexa – The best usage practices 2013

Alexa – The best usage practices 2013

Most of the new internet users are aware of the fact that there exist some sort of system that ranks the websites on the web. In general people closely associated with web are aware that the Alexa ranking system is the most reliable system that is widely used to define the rank of websites on the web. Alexa ranks nearly all website on the web and updates the rank everyday. New websites and webmasters consider this ranking very seriously because it is updated daily and gives a feeling to the webmaster about the growth of their sites. Apart from the ranking system that Alexa is widely known for , Alexa also provides advanced web analytic that webmasters can use on their own sites and to do the research of competitors sites. Few Alexa analytic features are unique and rarely found on the web. In this post we will be looking in deep about utilizing the Alexa internet ranking and analytic system very properly and also utilizing Alexa to make our website and blogs better.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a service provided by Alexa Internet which is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. Alexa.com provides website traffic and data analysis and operates a website ranking system for which it is famous for. Webmasters, bloggers and advanced internet users are aware of the popularity of Alexa ranking system. Alexa ranking is considered the most reliable and most used ranking system in the world.

How Alexa rank works?

The Alexa ranking system is primarily based on the data collected by Alexa toolbar which is distributed for free to users globally. Many internet users use the toolbar to see various stats provided by Alexa about the sites they visit and in return Alexa toolbar collects information about the usage statistics of the site and stores on its server to analyze and display revised stats.

How about the accuracy of Alexa data?

The accuracy of Alexa ranking system has been always debated but due to not other service existing that provides such extensive data Alexa is trusted by everyone. Alexa internet collect data on many parameter and thus reaches accuracy to great extent.

Many people argue that Alexa ranking and analysis is based on the data collected by users having Alexa toolbar and thus it can not be accurate because not everyone is using Alexa toolbar. However the methods of calculation by Alexa take it closer to accuracy.

Why Alexa is important?

Alexa ranking system is one of those very few and the largest analytic system that analyzes third party websites. This means that Alexa provides data about other websites and such data can only be collected by a webmaster using a web analytic service like Google analytics.

Analysis of Alexa metrics

Alexa Rank

Alexa offers multi-aspect analysis of website on the web. It includes the most famous Alexa ranking system which shows the Global Alexa rank of a website and Alexa traffic rank of that website from a country it gets most of the visitors. The analytic also displays the regional traffic rank of a website in other geographical areas of the world.

Alexa Backlinks

Alexa stats also display the backlinks to a websites from other webpages. It is observed that the number of links is less but very specific if compared to other backlink analysis tools.

Alexa Traffic and Keyword stats

Alexa also offers a keyword and traffic search analysis for websites that displays the top search queries for a website , the search queries that have provided more traffic in recent past , the search queries that have provided decreasing traffic in recent past and the high impact search queries that provide maximum traffic to a website and carry high keyword value.

Alexa audience demographics statistics

Alexa web analytic provides information about the demographics of the visitors to a website. The demographic analysis includes the visitors heat map, age, education, gender, child status, browsing location, ethnicity, income and such advanced demographics.

Alexa Contact info

Alexa also displays the contact info of the person or organization responsible for maintaining a website. This information is available for sites that have been claimed and the webmaster has provided contact details for public visibility.

Alexa reviews

Alexa offers visitors to post reviews about a website. The reviews are moderated before being publicly displayed and thus they carry good value. The reviews are can be posted for a website and various aspects of a website, like content, service, usability  etc.

Related links

Related links display similar sites to a website.

Alexa Clickstream

Alexa Clickstream is a popular feature of Alexa web analytic . It displays the top sites that users come from to a site and the top sites where users go from a website. This feature is unique and helps people to understand the source of traffic to a website.


Claiming a site at Alexa and using stats

Claiming a site at Alexa is a common practice for new websites. Webmasters can register for a free account and submit a site to Alexa. After verifying using methods provided , Alexa will set a claimed status to the website.

Alexa internet offers a pro membership a cost . The pro membership provide certified metrics and site audit features for webmaster to understand and represent their data properly. More information about Alexa pro membership plans can be found here.