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The best blogs and top blogs based on their earnings and popularity

The best blogs and top blogs based on their earnings and popularity

As per some assumptions millions of blogs exist on the web and to beat all these millions of blogs to become one of the best and the top most popular blogs is not very easy as understood by now. There have been such people who have made it possible in very short time. Their blogs not only make it a success story but also become inspiration for many people on the web. These sites are popular and every article published on these sites become popular within short span of time. In this article we will be having a look at few such best and top blogs in the web and we will also try to figure out the key causes of these blogs achieving this popularity. Their are system on the web like the Alexa Rank , SEMrush Rank and many other ways to analyze various aspects of a website and a blog but ranking of a blog might change over period of time if the primary metric used in calculation of such ranks change significantly , for example it has been observed that the Alexa Rank can change with the change in posting frequency. However , this does not mean that the blog is no more popular. In this list we have included large blogs which offer latest content about many topics of interest and have large coverage of most important topics on the web. While including blogs in this list , we have considered various aspect pertaining to the popularity of a blog and the listed in alphabetical order , rather than the order based on any ranking.

The best blogs on the web and their popularity explained.



Engadget is a popular multilingual blog , rather a network of blogs publishing about consumer electronics. The blog was founded by Peter Rojas in March 2004. The nature of operating the blog makes it a large online publication or online magazine.

The key reason for the popularity of Engadget is that it is known as the top blog publishing about electronics and gadgets. Other factors that make Engadget popular are the people and blogs within the network and the volume of published content. Though Engadget has lower SEMrush rank than many of similar blogs but the brand and the backing of AOL make it have more page-views.

Approximate daily ad income of Engadget is about $3500 (May 2013) as evaluated by many sources on the web but the blog network may have more income considering the business engagement of its now owner AOL.




Gizmodo is a popular blog about technology ,architecture , design ,science and space. Gizmodo was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas and soon became one of the most popular blogs on the internet. The blog generally ranks among the top 1000 websites as per Alexa Rank.

Gizmodo is currently owned by Gawker Media and is published in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese by translation of content under license for Gawker Media.

The blog is popular mostly because it is one of the oldest blogs on the web and is a well know blog. Though the posting frequency and SEMrush rank are not as good as few other competitive blogs.

Gizmodo make approximately $2500 to $3000 (May 2013) as evaluated by industry experts.




Hongkiat is also a popular blog that is still a blog unlike few blogs mentioned here which have actually become an online publication. The blogs is also an early blog created by Hongkiat Lim and publishes about designing , blogging , internet , resources etc.

Though the blog preserves the nature of being a blog but is one of the most famous blogs on the web. The key causes behind the popularity of Hongkiat is that it is an old and famous blogs with high SEO optimization and search exposures. The pages from this blog rank very high for few high value keywords.

Industry experts assume that the blog make $1000 to $1500  (May 2013)per day from ads.





Lifehacker is a large blog publishing about software and relevant stuff. The blog was created by Gina Trapani in 2005 and currently owned by Gawker Media. Lifehacker is primarily published for American English audience but also has Australian and Japanese versions .

Lifehacker has excellent publishing frequency and also has good SEMrush rank. The site has got good Alexa Rank but it has been fluctuating for some time.

Lifehacker is one of the large web publications and make approximately $3500 to $4000 (May 2013) per days for ad display.


Make Use Of

 Make Use Of

Make Use Of is a known blog publishing about internet tips . The blog was launched in 2006 by Aibek Esengulov and Kaly Mochoev. since then Make Use Of has emerged as one of the webs favorite destination of quality tips and tricks about using internet and technology.

Though it has become very popular but still maintains a blog like operation and is managed by people spread across the world.  Make Use Of is mostly popular due to its high search engine exposure and relatively better SEMrush rank that suggest the sites popularity is search engines.

Make Use Of makes approximately $1500 to $200 (May 2013) per day from ads.




Mashable is a technology , social media news blog that has taken the form of a news site in recent years. Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005 and since then it has become a grand success over years. Mashable is extremely popular and ranks higher in all the aspects. It has a great Alexa rank which has been keeping within the top 500 global sites.

Mashable has high posting frequency and large number of authors. It has great SEMrush rank and is supposedly the highest search engine exposure blog on the web.

Apart from the search engine exposure , Mashable also has extremely high social media exposure.

Industry experts believe that Mashable must be earning $5000 to $5500 (May 2013) a day, which makes it one of the top earning blog on the web.

Smashing Magazines

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a famous web design blog which is publishing regularly. The most important reaon behind its popularity lies in the quality of articles that have been published on the blog. The blog first published in 2006 and was launched by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman.

Smashing Magazine makes approximately $1500 to $2000  (May 2013) everyday from ads and has moderate posting frequency.



TechCrunch is a large blog publishing about technology , news and internet start-ups. The blog was launched in 2005 by Michael ArringtonKeith Teare and  now owned by AOL.

TechCruch is one of the largest blogs hosted on WordPress.com VIP blogs. TechCruch is highly popular blog with high Alexa rank and high PageRank. It has got high search engine exposure that makes it popular technology blog.

As per industry assumptions , TechCruch must be making $3500 to $4000  (May 2013) per days from ads.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

Though this blog is appearing lately on this list due to alphabetical order but it surely would have made to the top of the list in case of popularity. The Huffington Post is considered as the largest blog on the web.

The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington in 2005 and is publishing about United States and international  politics, business, news and other general topics.

The blog has been ranking within the top 100 Alexa sites for good time and is popular due to its dedicated American readership.

The blog is making approximately $28000 to $30000  (May 2013) per day.