The best places to find free stock photos

The best places to find free stock photos

Internet is considered as the most popular place to find free resources. Just imagine how many times we take the help of internet to find free resources. Though internet is the place to find resources but in many cases people forget that everything here is not free. Content and media have rights but we see that people simply copy and use videos , images and other content. There are many tools on the web that help people do this and promote bad habits of plagiarism. In most of the cases the habits of copying are in case of images. Many people on the web do not understand that images have copyrights and it is legally , ethically wrong to copy images. In many cases people are unaffected though they are aware of the fact that copying is not correct.

Doing something wrong like copying or plagiarism and that too at the time when you have all the quality free resources available is very silly. There are many resources available on the web for free stock photos. They are for free and offer better free stock photos , you just need to know about them and you have all the possibility to use them for free.

What are free stock photos ?

Before we proceed to understand free stock photos let us just understand stock photos. Stock photos are the photographs provided for some specific use or licensed for some specific use. For example , use of photos on a website or a blog post. Though stock photography is not an completely online concept but  in the current era of online multitasking, finding and using stock photography is mostly done on web and for the purposes related to web only.

Stock photos are better than other photos because they are professionally created using high quality equipment. In the current era of digital media, animation and graphics, in many cases stock photos are designed using various graphic designing programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Stock photos can be used for any purpose they are licensed for .The license terms may vary widely depending upon the source of photos. In most of the cases , stock photos are used in web designing and relevant stuff.

Free stock photos are the stock photos that you do not have to pay for. In most of the cases such stock photos have watermark, are smaller in size and bigger size is paid, in very few cases they are the original size but

The best sources for free stock photos.

There are many sites , services that allow use of stock photos for free but within some policies. Below are few sources for free stock photos. All the sites are providing free stock photos on their own terms and it is strongly recommended that one must go through all the terms and conditions very carefully before using free stock photos.

Free stock photo sites can be classified in two broad categories, where the first is Free Stock Photo sites themselves and other is Free Stock Photo Search Engines. We will be taking a look at sites from both the categories. It is recommended that the free stock photos from the free stock photo search services must be verified first because in some cases they actually might not be free stock photos. Many sites will need you to provide a link to the original photo, the source or the author of the photo , such condition must also be made clear before using a photo.

Free stock photo search services


Free stock photo sites

Free Digital Photos

Premium stock photo sites that offer free section

There are many sites that offer quality paid stock photos but they also have a free section where few of the stock photos are available for free, below are few of them.

Free Icon Sites

In many cases you may need free icons to use on your blog or websites. Below are services that help you find free icons

Creative Commons Photos

Creative Commons is a license type which has other sub types that can be assigned by the content author for reuse right of the content.

Learn more about Creative Commons Licence

Using Creative Commons licensed image is other good way of using images for free but all the creative commons licensed images might not have the kind of quality stock images have. Creative Commons offer a search page that helps you search Creative Commons Content from all over the web and from large media sites.

Creative Commons Search

Public Domain Photos

Public domain content is the content for which the intellectual property right are not applicable and it may be due to various reason. Such content comes in public domain and can be used by anyone for a legitimate purpose. Using public domain photos is also a good idea but you have to be careful for researching the actual rights of the photo/image. Below are few sites that provide public domain photos.

While you use all the above services please keep in mind that you must verify the actual ownership or license type of images and also not to forget , the above mentioned services may stop servicing or may change their operational area or type. No link in the above article is an affiliate or link to a paid service while this article was created.