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6 advanced website performance inspection tools

6 advanced website performance inspection tools

When the concept of internet and web portal was first thought , it had a limited use for limited and specific users. Later this communication medium gained the exact importance that it should have gained. Due to all the usability and  low cost , internet is worlds favorite medium of data transfer. Now all the increased use of internet led to the growth in web development technology , websites and their users. Today websites are accessed from various locations by various people and on various devices. The only way to satisfy all of them is to make sure that your websites or blogs performs faster.

Every person maintaining a blog is not a webmaster and also their is no scarcity of useful plugins and addons that bloggers can use to enhance the function-ability of their blogs and sites. JavaScript have gained importance and they are client side scripts. Images are widely used to make websites look alive and entertaining. While all this is done , performance of websites goes down.

Not every person is going to access a website from similar device or similar kind of internet connection. It is also not easy for a blogger or not technical user to understand the reasons and ways to speed up a website. In this case their are many excellent performance analysis tools that come to rescue. In this article we have a list of 6 useful site performance analysis tools that server different causes of website performance analysis and enhancement.


Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is one of the most loved website performance analysis tool of mine. This tool is easy to use and does advanced website performance analysis to show the processes and time taken  by them. This tool also gives grades to a website on various aspects that affect the performance.

Pingdom Test



GTMetrix has been my favorite over the years and due to its capacity to conduct test using both Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow technologies. This service also allows you to register and keep a log of all the tests you conduct.The best thing about this service is that you can use this service to make sure that Google and Yahoo search crawlers evaluate your website good on performance standards. You can easily implement tips and useful articles to speed up your website without the need to have advanced web-mastering skills.

GTMetrix Performance Report



Load Impact

Load Impact is one of its kind service that helps you measure how your site will behave and perform at a specific user load in some specific set of conditions.

 Load Impact report



WebWait is a simple service that lets you set test repetition and delay to test a website repeatedly after set delay. This helps website owners to test their websites repeatedly for some time and find a load time that can be more specific.



Gomez Instant Test lets you test a website from various locations and see the timeline it loads elements and also advanced detailing about the timeline.

Gomez Test Form


SearchMetrics Rapid

SearchMetrics Rapid is a useful but a simple website performance analysis service.

SearchMetrix Rapid

All the above mentioned services offer other useful services apart from website performance analysis. Users can also see to find useful services that might do something great for them.