Blogging for SEO – Search Engine Optimization in 2013

Blogging for SEO – Search Engine Optimization in 2013

A blog is a medium for people to express their knowledge, ideas , thoughts , emotions etc in real sense. There might be many reason why a person may maintain a blog. A key commercial reason for people maintaining a blog is SEO , yes Search Engine Optimization. Though every blog is not associated with some commercial identity but bloggers do try to monetize their blogs by various ways. A blog is key factor in SEO because it generally has a lots of words and words is the most important factor in SEO. In this article we will talk about a standard way to us ea blog for SEO.


Blogging for SEO in 2013

Below are few important steps to be taken for maintaining a blog for SEO in 2013.

Creating a search engine optimized blog

When you create a blog for the sole purpose of SEO , you have to make sure that your theme and the entire blog design is good from the SEO perspective. Article linked below will focus more on this.

Search engine optimization of a blog in 2013


Proper internal link building

You have to make sure that you internal link structure is good and you have about or maximum 200 links on you web pages that point to other pages on your blog. You have archive widgets , tags or category widgets, Latest posts , Popular posts etc. You must allow few links to your social profile of social networks and these will be considered external links. Apart from this you must make sure that you have minimum external links and only the ones allowed by you.


Distribute your feed

Now is the time to distribute your RSS/Atom feed to various feed directories like Blogdigge , ChordatFeedaggFeedage and many such other.


Create and link social profiles

Creating social profile and offering social subscription has become very important these days. You must create social profile like Facebook Page , Twitter Handle , Google Plus Page , LinkedIn Company Page and personal profile etc. You also have to make sure that these  profiles use you own name.

Quality Articles

Now is the time to post quality articles on regular intervals and a set frequency. After an article is published share it on social profiles you created.


Blog commenting and guest posting

Blog commenting on other blogs and posting guest post on other blogs is really important and you must do both of these to make sure that you get back-links and attention in your niche. The article linked below shares list of guest blogger communities.

Useful guest blogging communities & websites for 2013


Article and document sharing

You can also occasionally write quality articles and share them on article directories and open blogging sites like EzineArticleseHowSquidoo , HubPages etc. You can also share your article in form of documents on various document sharing sites like Scribd , Slideshare


Videos and info-graphics

Videos and info-graphics are really very important these days. you must create videos, screen-casts about your blog, project or about any topic of interest and link your blog.website in you profile.

Info-graphics have gained popularity because they get quick response and are circulated rapidly to offer exposure and links.


Maintaining a blog from the purpose of SEO is competitive in 2013 but yet there are many ways to achieve this.