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Facebook campaign landing – Using Facebook Ads in 2013

Facebook campaign landing – Using Facebook Ads in 2013

User base of over 1 billion (1000000000) across the globe with maximum of users visiting back regularly to check with the near and dear ones. Trusted by users by registering key information about profile , likes and dislikes. Up to date records of the activities of users , no other social media site coming anywhere close to it. Yes, you are right and I am talking about Facebook. The usefulness of this social media and connectivity platform increments with the commercial prospect that Facebook offers to advertisers globally. This post is only about Facebook as an advertising medium in 2013. This post will answer the most common


What is advertising on Facebook  and Facebook campaign landing ?

Facebook is a free to use platform but high number of usage requires Facebook to appoint paid employees, set up server infrastructure and pay for bandwidth. Maintaining all this is not a joke and Facebook manages it by offering people to advertise on Facebook by paying charges. Advertisers can create and display advertisements and pay for the ads that appear to Facebook users. High number of users make Facebook a good place to advertise and thus making it one of the most used ad mediums. Creating Facebook campaigns properly and for maximum utility is Facebook campaign landing.


What can be advertised on Facebook ?

Facebook allows advertisements for all legitimate products but in most cases disallows ads about Alcohol, Tobacco, Adult Products, Gambling , Pharmaceutical , Subscription Services etc. and ads are manually moderated before appearing on Facebook.

 Read Facebook ads guidelines here


For whom is Facebook advertising ?

Facebook is different from contextual ads or ads relating to search queries as done by Google. Contextual ads have high conversion ratio if compared to Facebook but Facebook is more personal and thus is a better option to build brand and trust. Facebook offers advanced targeting filters to display advertisements.  Facebook ads are more productive for promotion of a brand within Facebook e.g a Facebook page or application. For external ads Facebook is not similarly productive because Facebook opens ad links in a new window resulting in reduced conversion ratio. However Facebook has all together a different utility that of becoming more of a personal touch product or brand.


How to advertise on Facebook ?

Facebook offers one of the most easiest of advertising dashboard to set up campaigns, ads , billing and budget. This interface is extremely easy and anyone with basic experience of using web can easily create ads on Facebook. It is strongly recommended that one uses all the filters carefully to target audience because Facebook offers advanced filters for displaying ads.

Learn more about Facebook advertising here